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PSE Heritage Bow Limbs 62


PSE Club Recurve Limbs 66

PSE Club Recurve Limbs 66" - 20#

PSE Optima Long Limbs 62

Limbs for PSE Optima bows.

SF Optimo Plus Riser

Wooden riser. You will need to purchase SF Optimo limbs,...

Junxing F155 Target recurve 66

This listing is for a set of limbs only for the Junxing...

WNS Optimo Limbs

For use with Optimo Riser

KAP Winstorm Limbs 66inch 36lbs

These wood core limbs are accurate with an affordable price....

Sanlida Recurve Bow  Chace-Sun Metal Black riser RH 58inch

Limbs are made of maple laminations.

Sanlida Jandao Take Down Recurve C1 Camo

Cast aluminum handle riser with high gloss finish. Black...

Sanlida Take Down Recurve Bow 66

Metal riser and black gloss limbs. 66" and 30# Comes with...

Sanlida Jandao Wood Take Down Recurve 60inch RH

Limbs are made of maple laminations.

PSE Junior 54

The PSE Junior bow is an all composite take down bow and...

KAP Winstorm Carbon Limbs 66inch 36lbs

These carbon and wood core limbs are accurate with an affordable...

KAP Challenger Carbon Limbs 66inch 36lbs

These fibreglass and wood core limbs are accurate with an...

Junxing F155 Target recurve bow 66

Riser is magnesium alloy. Great colours, 21" riser, Brace...

WNS Axiom Alpha Limbs

Interchangeable limbs. Made from fibre glass and wood. ...

BR Recurve handle 25

IFL (clip in). Great colours. Riser can move limbs left...

Cartel Fantom Fibre Limbs 68

Wood Fiberglass limbs with universal fitting

F161 Recurve Hunting recurve limbs clear glass

60" hunting recurve limbs. International fitting limbs.

Samick Privilege Recurve Riser 23

Aluminum Cast Riser, 1000g. Paint finish

Sanlida C1 Recurve Camo bow 66

Metal riser with Black limbs with sight arrow rest and string

BR Foam limbs 68

IFL limbs. for use in BR Handle or Win and Win risers

Krossen Xenia recurve Limbs

International Fitting limbs.

Samick Ideal Recurve Riser 25

Aluminum Cast Riser, 1040g. Paint finish

Samick Ideal recurve limbs

Foam Core, International fitting limbs

Topoint R2 Recurve Target Kit 68

Comes with metal riser bow, 12 arrows, Quiver, armguard,...

WNS Premium + limbs

Affordable universal fiberglass limbs - note these limbs...

Topoint R3 Recurve Hunting bow kit 58

Kit comes with R3 take down bow, 12 arrows, quiver, 5 pin...

Junxing F163 Hunting Recurve 62

Take down recurve with metal riser. Bow weight 3.2# IBO...

Cartel Fantom Riser 25

Metal Riser with adjustable poundage, uses standard interchangable...

Cartel Wooden recurve bow 66

wooden recurve popular begineer bow

WNS Explore DX Riser 25

TheWNS Explore riser is made by Win and Win archery. It...

WNS Axiom Alpha Riser 21

21" budget handle great for beginners.

Win & Win Riser LH 23

Win & Win KAP Evolution II Riser LH 23"

Krossen Xenia 25

Alloy Magnesium riser 770g. Painted

Big Rock Carbon Foam IFL recurve limbs

clips in to any IFL riser. Carbon glass, foam inner no...

Samick Discovery R-3 limbs

Foam Core, UD Carbon, International fitting limbs

PSE Wisdom Takedown Recurve 58

Riser made from Beech, Cassia, Siamea, Ebony and Maple Woods Limbs...

WNS Elite Fibre / Foam limbs

Affordable universal fiberglass Foam limbs. Improves speed...

WNS Delta LX Riser 25

25" Painted riser 1200g

Samick Extreme-C recurve limbs

Foam Core Carbon, International fitting limbs

PSE Kingfisher Recurve bow

Available in 40,45 and 50# Right hand only. 60“

WNS Premium + Carbon limbs

Carbon limbs with a wood core.

JunXing H22 Take Down Recurve Hunting 60

All wood with international Fitting limbs which clip together...

PSE Nighthawk recurve 62

Riser is made of Beechwood and Exotic Walnut Wood

WNS Premium Alpha Riser 25

Forged Riser takes universal limbs and is adjustable poundage

Topoint Unison 25

CNC machined. Weight 2.54#, Wood grip. IFL riser.

Junxing F166 Recurve IFL 64

Riser 21", Bow length 64", Brace Height 7.5-8.5", Mass Weight...

Sanlida 60

comes with string

F161 60

60" hunting recurve. Metal Riser with IFL, so they just...

Martin recurve Limbs for Jaguar, Saber, Panther

To suit Jaguar, Saber and Panther.

Cartel Triple recurve Bow Kit 68

Kit comes with Cartel Triple bow, String, Bow Case, Sight,...

Cartel Zen Recurve Bow

Traditional wooden bow

Martin Jaguar take down recurve 60

This bow is new to the Martin lineup and is proving very...

PSE Coyote 2 Recurve Kit R/H Infinity Break Up

Brace height: 7-1/4” – 7-1/2”. Accepts the PSE 2-piece...

PSE Competition Recurve limb universal

Fits all universal risers

PSE Optima Target Recurve Blue 62

Machined riser. Great value begineer recurve. Available...

PSE Optima Target Recurve Red 60

Machined riser. Great value begineer recurve. Available...

PSE Kingfisher bowfishing kit

Available in 40,45 and 50# R/H only. Comes with fishing...
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