Bear Apprentice 3 compound bow Ready to Hunt R/H
15“-27“. Kit comes with Whisker Biscuit, 3 pin sight,4 arrow quiver

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15“-27“. Kit comes with Whisker Biscuit, 3 pin sight,4 arrow quiver
Name : Anonymous
Review : Quality bow for the kids to grow with. Very easy to adjust, light weight & accurate. My 10 y/o is shooting great groups out to 30mtrs.

Name : Anonymous
Review : very good for starters like 11 year old's and so on tothgggj pooooooo

Would this bow be suitable for a 15y/o who is just starting out and if not what would be a suitable compound bow

Yes - but at 15 you are getting very close to adult bows. I suggest the Bear Apprentice from 12-15. I would prefer a bit longer bow for a 15 year old which will last him.

If the bow was set to a draw length of 25" what would the draw weight be after you take it down to the lowest it can be?

At 25" the 60# one goes back to 35#. The 50# one 28# at 25"

Hey i was just wondering, does the bow come pre assembled or would i have to put together myself?

It comes assembled.

can u get bear apprentice 2 in pink camo if can how much thank u

Sorry only stock camo

would this product suit my 11 year old as a starter

Yes the Apprentice is very adjustable and built for the 11 year old specifically.

Hi i want to know what poundage this bow comes with ? do you have something like 35 to 55 ?

The bow only comes in one poundage and is fully adjustable 50-20#

Hi there what poundage's can u get with this bow im looking for mmm about 40-50

The bow is only availble in one poundage is is fully adjustable. 50# max wind down to 20#

what poundage is it?

50# down to 20#. Only one poundage

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