2017 PSE Stinger X Compound Bow Kit
The PSE Stinger X will be the most popular bow of 2015. With a weight of 3.5lbs and shooting at 316. This is the best value compound on the market. Kit comes with sight, tru fire release, quiver, 6 carbon arrows, rest, stabilizer, sling, dloop, peep - all setup and ready to shoot.

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The PSE Stinger is the classic workhorse bow for the aspiring hunter, and now the all-new 2015 PSE Stinger X has taken that reputations for affordable performance to a whole new level! Featuring high-performance X-Tech split limbs and the highly-adjustable SX cam, shooting the Stinger X means having a bow that's lighter, faster, and delivers a smooth shot and legendary reliability at an unforgettable price.
The Kit
  • PSE Stinger X compound bow
  • 5 pin Fibre optic sight
  • Biscuit rest
  • sling
  • Stabilizer
  • Peep fitted at 6 1/2" above nocking point
  • Dloop
  • 6 Carbon arrows
  • Tru Fire Release aid
  • Bow Quiver
Brace Height : 7 1/8"
Axle-to-Axle : 32 1/2"
FPS : 316 - 308
Let-off : 75%
Mass Weight : 3.5lbs
Poundage : 40, 50, 60 or 70
Colours :  Black, Skullz, IF Camo
Name : Ben
Location :
Title :
Review : This is my first brand new bow. After shooting another second hand bow to learn on, I purchased this to make it my own and it is astoundingly silent, balanced, light and FAST. I can see some serious potential in this bow, I love it!

Name : Aaron
Location :
Title :
Review : This is my first compound bow, I bought the PSE Stinger #70 in the kit, even being unsure initially of the peak poundage being too high. The bow has a huge range of adjustment, including the 'grow with you' settings, which can be changed easily and quickly on the cam. The Stinger is fast and quiet, I added cat whiskers to the main string and the cable to take the last of the noise out of the bow & added limbs aver limb dampeners which all work together perfectly. Great package all up & the set up by Steven was awesome. Excellent confidence inspiring first hunting outfit.

Name : joe
Location :
Title :
Review : arrived today,put a 60cm scoring type target 20 paces away,never fired a bow in my life and put more than half in the yellow part rest in red.So well set up mate thanks, and obviosly highly recommend for a begginer ;)I'm stoked .

Name : Josh T
Location :
Title :
Review : This is my first ever compound bow, but it's very easy to draw, aim and shoot the Stinger X, it's also nice and light, I'm right handed but left eye dominant so I went with a left handed bow, but even at 60 lbs I'm not having any trouble drawing or holding it until I have it aimed properly, I do need to adjust my pin sight a little but this really is an excellent choice for anyone just starting out in archery as I am.

Is this the 2015 or 2016 model? Thanks! :)

Most bows are less than 1 month old. We have weekly shipments from PSE and sell over 700 a year.

So I got 2 questions: 1.Is this the 2015 or the 2016 model? 2.Can the poundage of the 30-50# bow be able to adjust lower than 30#? Thanks :)

2016 - We sell about 700 a year to most are only a few weeks old. 2015 vs 2016 Stinger X - they changed the colours and the limb pocket changed.

Hello! I have been shooting for a little while now, learning on a second hand Martin Cheetah which is set around 60-70# draw weight, and thought I would look into getting a new bow for my own. I already have my own release aid and was wondering if I could leave the release aid out for a cheaper price or replace it with an extra arrow or two in the package? Thanks.

just put it in the notes we can take the release out or add arrows

Hi there, are the pins 0.19 or 0.29? Thanks! :)


Whats the draw length from-to


Just wondering, what is the spine on the arrows that come with this pse stinger x?

We give matching arrows with the bow. So 500 for 50, 400 for 60# and 340 for 70# normally.

Can i get Carbon Express Aluminum Arrows instead of the ones supplied with the kit? Thank you

Yes just put it in the notes

1...If I want to change the arrows to the PSE carbon force (as long as they are better than the Gold tip supplied) and increase to 1 dozen arrows in total of either..How much extra $ 2..Change the release from the PSE to a Tru fire Patriot Strap....how much extra $... 3 Also do you have a kit that doesn't just include wax....but also cam lube and any other additive product for bow maintenance and performance. I will be coming down to the warehouse in 3 weeks, to set the bow up, test fire it and of course buy it! I will also get the G5 SGH's 3 pack plus probably the Muzzy 4 blade 90gr 6 pack....the Primos hunting bow sling....and a couple of other products through the net when I am ready to hunt in 6 months. I also want to tell you this mate. Steve, over the last 4 months I have talked to you and 3 of your staff and it has been a bloody pleasure I have to say.....I have lived now in SA for 4 years after living in NSW for almost 50 years. ....Really great customer service is fairly rare in SA in my experience over the last 4 years. Australian Archery supplies has been a dream to deal with. Not only have your 3 staff and yourself been knowledgeable, you have been patient and polite. A huge number of businesses, in not just SA, but also the rest of Australia could learn some great lessons from you. Thank You Cheers Paul E-J

1 - Depends on the arrows - we have PSE on either side 2 - It is the same release 3 - No you need to add wax and lube if needed 4- Just add the bits you need to the order

Hello,i draw the string with my right hand,so do i ask for a r/h handle or l/h handle?.Thanks.


I will be down to the warehouse in 6-8 weeks to buy this combo I want to upgrade the release to a Tru-fire strap add 6 extra gold tip arrows get the bow in red skulz Also add a PSE soft case....an arrow tube...a 13" PSE king arm guard.. PSE hip quiver. Wax....etc etc Therefore approx $900-$950...before we negotiate LOL I will be staying in Adelaide for 2 days before I drive back up to NSW I want to thank you and your staff for all the help and patience that you have exhibited allowing me to make the most informed decision on a major purchase....I am going to spend near on $1000 and that is a shit load for someone on a pension Regards Paul


Hey I want to buy a pse stinger compound bow but can't get to A local store and can't seem to find all the colours on the Internet was wondering if you had a link or some photos of the camo and skull camo and desert tan also the red skullz as I am purchasing my first how through you guys much appreciated cheers.. Jack

http://www.archeryshop.com.au/p/8956908/pse-stinger-x-compound-bow.html. All the colours are there. Your local store should have no problem ordering. But we ship also

what make sight comes with this kit

It is our own sight

is all the gear you get with the bow pse

No - It is a 5 pin hunting sight, bristle rest, TRU Fire release, Peep will probably be Pine ridge. Arrows are Gold tip.

Hi, I bought this bow pack and it came with the 6 gold tip arrows. I am wanting to order some more of the same arrows for target shooting. Can you please tell me what ones they are on your web site, i am looking at getting complete ones with tip etc. Thanks Craig


I assume that you provide the Trufire Patriot release with this kit. Can you upgrade to the Hurricane Extreme buckle web release? Would it just be the extra $20.

You can upgrade you just need to put it in the notes and pay the difference.

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