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Various solutions are available for archery Targets.

Common choices include the Foam target or the bag.  The archery bag offers easy arrow removal and long life shooting.

The archery Foam Target can generally be used with broadheads and can be transported.  There are three types of common Foam Targets:

  • Solid Foam block which can be shot at from all sides
  • Layered Foam - Generally longer lasting and may offer easier arrow removal, however these targets can only be shot from the front and back as the target is held together under pressure
  • Layered glued - These targets offer the best of both worlds according to the manufacturers.

We have tried all three types of targets and the layered targets appear to be easier to remove arrows.  It is hard to say which target last longer as they have all been used for several years.

Archery Target Butts

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Fastgo Foam 14cm indoor replacement Center
14cm round X 27cm deep. For the Indoor target
Eleven Replacement Center 9.5cm
Replacement Core 9.5X25cm. Easy pull material....
3D Target Hanging Sphere 23cm
3D Target Hanging Cube 9"x 9" - Self Heal...
Junxing Target Bag
40cmX40cmX20cm. Filled with a polester filling...
Foam 17cm replacement Center
17cm round X 27cm deep
Eleven Replacement Center 14.5cm
Replacement Core 14.5X25cm. Easy pull material....
Foam 26cm replacement Center
26cm round X 28cm deep. Layered foam for...
EVA Foam Archery Target 100X100X10cm
Self healing foam target
Delta McKenzie Speedbag 20/20
Speedbag 20/20, 20"
Eleven Start Target 100X 100X7cm
layered foam
Eleven Start Target 80X80X14cm
layered foam
Danage Target Centres 132X22X24.5 XHD
Eleven Target EZ-Pull Replacement Insert 37.5 cm
Bulldog Doghouse Target 60cmX60cmX25cm
for 350fps - easy arrow removal. Suitable...
Eleven Multi Target
40x40cm Built-in carrying handle Pre-printed...
Fastgo 126cm square Indoor 12 centers Foam target
Target is 126cm wide and 19 cm thick. As...
Fastgo 124cm square QRE Foam target
Target is 121cm wide and 19 cm thick. As...
Fastgo 126cm Foam target 9 pieces (9 squares)
Target is 126cm wide and 19 cm thick. 9...
Fastgo 124cm square 9 centers Foam target
Target is 124cm wide and 19 cm thick. As...
Danage A2 Foam Target 132X132X14.5 1X24.5cm
4X 14.5 cm, 2X24,5cm. Wood around edge....
Danage A2 Foam Target 132X132X14.5 3X24.5cm
2X 14.5 cm, 3X24,5cm. Wood around edge....