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Silencers are used on bows to reduce noise.  Silencers acheive this by reducing vibration.

Silencers fitted to the bowstring reduce the vibration of the string and the noise associated with the string oscillation


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Catwhiskers rubber String silencers
all rubber
Dead Center Bow Jax Stabilizer Silencer 2pack
slides over the stabilizer to reduce vibration
PSE String Chubbs
String silencers for cables and strings....
limbsaver Everlast string leech (4pkt)
attach to the string to reduce noise
Dead Center Stabilizer Silencer 3/4
Slides over the stabilizer to reduce vibration
Dead Center Stabilizer Silencer 5/8
Slides over the stabilizer to reduce vibration
PSE window skin Flex foam - For a PSE X-Force
Window Skin for a PSE X-Force
PSE Dumbells 6pkt
To fit into the PSE riser
TRU Ball Spyder String silencers
Rubber string silencer
PSE Rubber Backstop replacement
Fits to all 2009 PSE backstop
PSE Rubber Backstop Replacement
Fits to all 2016 PSE backstop
War Wolf quad limb dampener
Like Limbsaver super quad
PSE Limb Dampeners
Easy install. Mod Shock
PSE Shock Modz
Norway StringStopper 2 pack
Can be used on other brands of string suppressor.
Bowjax Magnum Split limb dampener
Medium gap.
Dead Center End Dampener Black
Protect the end of y our stabilizer and dampen...
PSE Vibracheck Backstop 4
Stop string vibration. The PSE back stop...