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High Country why buy a High Country bow? 

  • The bows are light at 3.3 lbs
  • The draw is smooth and the arrow speed fast
  • The bows are adjusted in draw length easily adjusted

Bows have 2 major problems - limb failure and archers torquing the string off the cam.  High country use Barnesdale limbs which are regarded as the best in the industry.  The Pro X11 has the deepest cam I have ever see, Nathan Land (the owner of High country) said to me it is this to deep to stop archers torquing the string off the cam.

I said to Nathan I need customer service and if stuff does go wrong I need it fixed.  PSE is just fantastic when it comes to customer service and I will not handle another bow company unless they provide fantastic service too.  Nathan promised that customer service was there number one issue.

I read alot of reviews on the High country bows and they were fantastic.  I shoot all manufacturer bows at the ATA show in 2011 and I loved the feel of the High Country.

High Country Archery

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