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Carbon Tech is manufactured and owned by the most successful olympic archers ever Rick McKinney.  Rick demands the highest quality of his shafts.  You will be impressed by the consistancy, strength and affordability of these shafts. 

Carbon Tech use the highest grade carbon available and have a unique process to create their arrows.  The Rick McKinney owner of Carbon Tech tech arrows will only produce the highest grade and the most consistent spine in the industry.  In his words "the other arrow companies are interested in cheap crap arrows, at Carbon Tech we make the best".  This means strong consistent shooting arrows.  

In a recent indepent test Carbon Tech whitetail shafts grouped better than any other shaft on the market when shot from a machine at 100 yards.  Carbon Tech Whitetail arrows averaged a group of only 3".  

Carbon Tech produce a range of arrows for the beginner to the advanced target archer. 

  • Whitetail - great plend of speed and durability - the most cost effective arrow - great for hunters
  • Cheetah - pure speed - great for target and 3D.  The fastest arrow in the industry
  • Rhino - Heavy - Ideal for the big game hunters.  Extremely durable
  • Hippo- Fat Carbon - great for 3D and indoor shooting
  • Panther - Tapper carbon
  • McKinney 2 - FITA target arrow.  This is a thin carbon take the same fitting as Easton ACE and Cartel Xpert.  This is an extremely light weight arrow.

"I have shot my Carbon Tech arrows Hippo's for over 18 months and have not broken one yet.  I have shot steel, wood with the arrows and shot at least 3dz nocks off and I am yet to damange a single shaft.  The arrows have been refletched though due to vane damage due to tight groupings.  I have found Carbon Tech arrows extremely accurate and are easily the strongest arrows I have ever shot.  I sell Carbon Tech Rhino shafts to hunters and I have never recieved a bad comment no one yet has shot another arrow once they have switched to Carbon Tech to the best of my knowledge.  Customers have been extremly happy with Carbon Tech arrows"

Steven Hann, owner Archery Supplies

Carbon Tech

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Carbon Tech - Hippo Hunter clearance
Carbon Tech - Cougar Shafts
Comes with Inserts and Nocks 32" length
McKinney 188 shafts CLEARANCE X 19
19 SHAFTS, NO COMPONENTS New target shaft....
Carbon Tech - Whitetail Hunter shafts
Comes with Nocks and Inserts dz. 32" length
Carbon Tech Cheetah Hunter Shafts dz
Comes with Nocks and Inserts dz
Carbon Tech - Safari shafts
Big Game hunting shaft - heaviest arrow in...
Carbon Tech - Whitetail Pro dz
Comes with Nocks and Inserts dz
Carbon Tech - Hippo XP
Pro Arrow - Wide arrow -big high clearance,...
Carbon Tech McKinney 2 shafts dz
New target shaft. Uses all ACE and Xpert...