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Rests used on recuves bows come in two basic styles  - plastic or flipper.  The fipper arrow rest will tend to have a longer life span.  If your bow is not tunned or you are a beginner archer chances are that the plastic arrow rest will last longer

Recurve arrow rest

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October Mountain Pro Hunter Recurve Rest
Screws in.
Hoyt Super Rest
Stick on arrow rest for use on target recurves
Hoyt Hunting Rest
Stick on rest for finger shooting with heavy...
Bear Weather Rest
Traditional stick on arrow rest, used by...
Cir-Cut Traditional Rest
Cir-Cut Premium Gear Traditional Rest
Decut Quata Recurve Rest RH
Decut Quata Magnetic Stick On Recurve Rest...
AAE Cavalier Super T-300
Popular recurve rest - White Lexan back with...
Topoint Recurve Rest RH
The rest is perfectly shaped for a recurve...
Decut Nova Recurve Arrow Rest
Decut Nova arrow rest is a magnetic arrow...
Avalon Tec One arrow rest
Arrow Rest stick on Tec One Magnetic
SF Arrow rest Elite
Fully adjustable horizontal arrow positioning...
Hoyt Shelf Plate Satori RH
Replacement plate with 3 plates to change...
Hoyt Shelf Pad Satori RH
shelf plate and riser plate
WNS S-RV arrow rest
Bolts onto the second plunger button hole....
Avalon Tec One Maxx Magnetic arrow rest Screw on
Bolts on to the bow with bearing.
Decut Honor Arrow rest - bolt on
Bolts onto the second plunger button hole....
Decut Janus Arrow Rest
Decut Janus Magnetic Recurve Arrow Rest
AAE Cavalier Super Flyte
One of the most popular finger rests on the...
Fivics Out-Nock rest
Used for target archery by recurve archers
Fivics RS rest
Used for target archery by recurve archers....
AAE Free Flyte Arrow rest
Arrow rest for recurve bows
Shibuya Ultima Recurve Rest
Convert from right to left easily. Comes...
Zniper Arrow rest
Drop away arrow rest designed for barebow...
AAE Free Flyte Elite Arrow rest
Arrow rest for recurve bows