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Archery Supplies is the major Australian supplier for Limbsaver products

Limbsaver products reduce vibration and noise.

Limbsaver is the major supplier of limbsaver products

NAP has introduced products which perform similar function


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limbsaver cable dampener
fits onto cable guard to reduce noise
Limbsaver  Stealth Cable dampener
fits on the guard to reduce noise and vibration
Limbsaver Recurve BroadBand
smaller than the normal limb saver ideal...
PSE Limb Dampeners
Easy install. Mod Shock
PSE Limb Dampeners Gen X
Easy install. 4 pack
Limbsaver BroadBand (2pkt)
For solid limb saver for compound bows
Limbsaver S-Coil stabilizer
affordable stabilizer
Limbsaver S-Coil stabilizer Black and Red
affordable stabilizer
limbsaver S-Coil Extension 2.8
weight 3.2oz.
Limbsaver Super Quad Black
Split limb adaptors
Limbsaver Super Quad camo
Split limb adaptors
Bowjax Monster Jax
For solid limb compound bows.
Bowjax Magnum
Split Limb Vibration Dampener
Limbsaver Ultra split limb
attach to the limb to reduce noise and vibration
limbsaver WindJammer stabilizer 7
weight 5.63oz.
limbsaver WindJammer stabilizer 7
weight 5.63oz. Next G-1 camo.
limbsaver Enhancer 2000
attach to the bow and attach your stabilzer...