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    Product Description

    Carter releases have been making release aids for over 35 years and make the highest quality releases for compound bows available.  Carter have been making releases used by the best archers in the world since they started and the Carter 2 Moons adheres to this tradition.

    The Carter 2 Moons comes in a high quality anodized finished in Red, Blue or Black.  Depending on the time in the cycle the colour will vary.  This is standard with all Carter releases as they anodize one colour at a time.

    In 2017 Carter have changed the 2 Moons head to the Carter Total control head which incorporates a magnet so the release is always ready to shoot.  It should be noted that until Carter have sold all the old models the new magnetic head will not be sold.  So far the only magnetic head we have is the 2 Moons in a 3 finger in Large.  But this will change as the year progresses.

    The Carter 2 Moons is a back tension release incorporating a revolutionary clicker system that has adjustment unlike anything on the market.

    The new one of a kind split moon allows you to micro adjust the length of your clicker in .005 increments ranging from .0 to .030.

    Due to the split moon design the rotation of the release is as smooth after the click as it is before the click. This is the first rotation style back tension release to offer an adjustable clicker. In addition to the adjustable clicker, the speed of the release can be adjusted 2 degrees at a time with the new clamping system.

    The Carter 2 Moons release is sure to please by combining these innovative features along with the sleekest and most relaxed fitting handle shape Carter Enterprises has ever made.

    Carter 2 Moons back tension release is available in 3 finger and 4 finger model and in two sizes small and large.

    Back Tension releases like the Carter 2 Moons is popular with target archers as it stops target panic and improves the archers aiming.  It does take some time to master the Carter 2 Moons as does mastering any back tension release but the results will speak for themselves.