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My Compound bows

1982 - Darton Trailblazer (cost $60).  Without doubt the best shooting compound made in that time period.
1984 - York Trophy (cost $400).  Nice shooting quick in its time.
1984 - York Tracker (cost $400).  Fast even by today's standard.  This was a agressive hunting bow that was fun to shoot. 
1985 - York CNC (cost $500).  The first machined riser compound.  Green riser and black limbs
1985 - Jennings Shooting Star (cost $100) - Really accurate target bow
1986 - Hoyt Provantage (cost $500) - very slow, 
1986 - Martin Couger (cost $400) - The bow shoot smilar to other bows of the time.  I brought the bow second hand new it was $800.
1987 - Jennings Carbon Extreme (Cost $500) - One of the best compound bows ever made.  Really comfortable grip - very fast. 
1990 - Martin FireCat XR (cost $900) very preatty and very slow.
1990 - Martin FireCat Sonic (cost $900) very fast and shot well
1991 - Martin Courgar XRG (cost $600) smooth and very accurate.  Shot many records with this bow.
1992 - Browning Ballistic Mariage (cost $800)- Absolutely the best bow of the year - fast and accurate.
1993 - Browning 6T6 Pro (cost $1200).  Very nice finish, however the bow was to heavy and shot very average.
1993 - Oneida AeroForce (cost $800). Smooth as to draw, pumped out one fast shaft.  The bow is very heavy.  This is a unique bow unlike anything else, unfortunately the bows company never seemed to progress from this bow.
1993 - Golden Eagle Evolution ($800) - One of the best bows ever.  Smooth draw, module adjustments, excellent balance, quiet shooting and very fast.  This bow remained a great selling bow for 5 years.  Many archers still own one.
1993 - Darton Vegas CPS (cost $1,000).  nice gold finish, however the bow was a little slow
1994 - Oneida Pro Machined (cost $1200)- the finish was poor and shot the same as the Aeroforce, very disappointing.
1994 - Darton Maverick (cost $800). Remains one of my favourite bows.  The fastest bow of the time.  Perfect balance, light weight, smooth draw.  A wonderful bow for hunting and target shooting.
1997 - Darton Cyclone LD (cost $1,000) - Wonderful bow - fast and very accurate.  the bow is long and smooth drawing. 
2005 - Darton Vegas (cost $1,100) - slower than the Darton Cyclone however the draw is smoother and when at 60#.  I was disappointed by the speed of the bow. 
2006 - Bowtech Constitution (cost $1,400)- Very fast, no shock, very quiet, extremely accurate.  The draw cycle is alot harder than the Darton.  I have never shot so many nocks off since shooting this bow.  The grip took a bit of getting use to as did the draw, however this is clearly the next generation of compound bows and the best bow I have owned since the Darton Maverick.
2007 - Bowtech Allegiance (cost $1,400) - Very light, no shock, very quiet, very accurate.  The draw cycle seems smooth.  The grip seemed to fit in the hand naturally.  Very easy to shoot well.  The Allegiance is easily the best bow I have owned to date, it is easily a few steps up from the 2006 Constitution.  Saying that Bowtech has built a new 2007 Constitution which looks a lot better than the the 2006.
2009 - PSE Money Maker (cost $1,400) - After testing the Money Maker and shooting amazing groups of arrows.
2009 - PSE X Force GX (cost $1,400) - This is a fast shooting bow, an aggresive draw, however once you have the bow drawn it is so easy to aim.  This has to be the easiest bow I have ever aimed with.  The bow is well balanced.  On my first indoor shoot I shot my personal best.  This bow makes me want me to try the PSE Omen with 366 fps, crazy fast.
2009 - PSE Omen (cost $1,400) - The fastest bow ever made.  I thought the X Force was aggressive, the Omen makes the X Force feel smooth.  The draw stop on the Omen is solid and the bow is silent and vibration is amazing considering the weight and speed.  The bow is impressive to shoot and the accuracy is unmatched.  I love the Omen, however it does make you understand the importance of the smooth drawing bows.
2011 - PSE Evolution (Cost $1,100) - This could be the perfect bow - smooth drawing, super fast, no shock, hold on the target well, adjustable draw length.
2011 - High Country Pro X 10 (cost $950) - Smooth drawing, no shock, super quiet with 2 draw string stops, 2 draw stops, rotating modules.  The bow only weighs a bit over 3 lbs making it the lightest bow I have owned.  I shoot this and the PSE Evolution and it is impressive.  The grip is a bit strange but is comfortable, I think High Country may have a new grip coming out shortly which I will try.  But the bow shoots great and is really hard to find a fault.  I love the roller cable guard to.  I don't see me selling this bow.
2012 - PSE Dominator (Cost $1300).  This is a target shooting bow.  The bow is heavy at close to 5lbs. the draw is smooth and fast.  The bow is the best target shooting bow I have owned, it is alot better bow than the PSE Money Maker from a couple of years ago.
2013 - PSE DNA (cost $950). This is a quick, light bow.  The shot is dead, no vibration and quiet.  I really like this bow due to the weight, walking in the bush means you need to carry the bow and the light weight I really enjoy.
2014 - PSE Full Throttle (cost $1250) - Fastest bow ever made at 370fps.  I owned the Omen 5 years ago and this is so much better.  The draw is nice and it is amazing to shoot
2014 - Martin Alien (cost $950)- This is a light bow at 3.5lbs one of the lightest bows that I know of.  It has a nice draw and a solid stop.  It is nice to shoot.
2014 - Mathews Chill R - Great draw cycle
2015 - Martin Condor Vegas - Shoot through cable system.  The scope is in line with the arrow.
2016- PSE Xpression

Chris Hann
2010 PSE Chaos X 2  one for target and one for hunting.
2012 High country X10 - The bow is very light at 3.5lbs and adjustable in draw length, smooth shooting a great kids and ladies bow.
2013 PSE Supra - The Supra has the same cams and limbs as the Dominator and shoots at the same speed.  However the bow is lighter than the Dominator.  The PSE Supra used by many of the staff at PSE as there personal bow of choice.