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PSE Mustang recurve take down
60“ Black walnut and cherry with maple limbs

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60“ Black walnut and cherry with maple limbs
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Hi, if i hold my bow in the left hand and draw with the right what handle type do i select for the pse mustang?


Hi, i was just wondering what handle type i would need if i am right handed, would this also apply for the PSE coyote as well?


Does this bow have universal limb attachments

No they are screw on limbs

I'm a 20 year old female, not petite. I've only done anything with archery a couple times but have been informed I have a natural knack for it. I'm wondering what the most commenced pullback weight is for females and whether this bow is any goodfor semi beginners?

It is like doing weights - the more reps the lower the weight. Target archers start at 20#. The korean ladies shoot 42#, they shoot all day every day. For target I shoot 34# my hunting recurve is 45#. Some 60 year old ladies at the gym are stronger than me and some 20 year old females can lift a lot of weight so it depends on how strong you think you are , how hard you want it and how much you want to shoot. I always prefer a person to shoot lighter than heavy as they can develop good technique with lower weight.

Hi can the PSE Mustang be shot off the shelf and can extra limbs be purchased for it? Regards

Yes can shoot off shelf Extra limbs a little over half the price of the bow.

How do you choose a bow weight? What is measurement in? (40?) Can a left hander choose all bow types?

Bow weight is based on how often you shoot and how strong you are. Most common for a guy is 45# for hunting.