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Speciality Aperture 1/32, 3/64,1/16,3/32,1/8
he SUPER BALL PEEP is the most versatile peep ever designed... 5 different hole sizes that will interchange without removing the peep from the string. Plus you can remove the aperture for a 3/16“ hole. A wrench for removing the peep is included with each kit.
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Use 37degrees for bows under 40" and 45 degrees for bows over 40"

Specialty Archery’s Super Ball Peep is the most versatile peep ever designed. It gives the archer the flexibility of changing hole sizes instantly without removing the peep. The Super Ball Peep makes your bow more versatile by allowing you to use the same bow for target shooting and hunting. Our entire line of Super Ball Peeps and apertures have been manufactured with an anti glare surface.

Specialty Archery also has five sizes of apertures to select from which will screw directly into the Super Ball Peep: 1/32", 3/64", 1/16", 3/32", 1/8".

Clarifiers are available in all aperture sizes with three different strengths. The #1 Yellow, #2 Red and #3 Green. The color code is designed to assist in identifying each clarifier. You can order clarifiers and apertures separately or purchase apertures in the following kits with a peep wrench.

 1/32", 3/64", 1/16"

We carry two different string groove angles to accommodate various bow lengths. Please refer to the peep chart to determine which model best fits your needs. Click here for peep angle chart.

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i am interested in the specialty aperture kit does it come with all 5 apertures. thanks

I believe they do

I was wondering if this set came with the peep attachment that each apperture screws into? Also does the set adjust to be either 37 or 45 degrees or are they a different set completely? Cheers

Different sets - some sets are 37 some are 45 and some don't come with an peep attachment.