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Easton ACG shaft dz
World-Class A/C® Precision World champions rely on flawless aluminum carbon precision. A/C/G™ & A/C/C® are the perfect shafts for target competition and serious training

Arrow Cut / Draw Length


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430, 480, 540, 610, 660, 710, 810, 880, 1000, 1150, 1300, 1500

  • High-strength carbon fiber bonded to a precision 7075 aerospace alloy core tube
  • Polished black carbon finish
  • Guaranteed straightness: ± .002”
  • Weight tolerance: ± 0.5 grains
  • Components—sold separately

Alloy Shaft and Component Specifications

size shaft weight spine span stock length nock insert rps point broadhead adapter ring
  Grains Deflection in Inches Inches Grains Grains O.D. Inches Size (3 grains)
430 9.0 0.430 32 1/2 Pin Nocks A/C/E A/C/E or A/C/G  
480 8.5 0.480 32 Pin Nocks A/C/E A/C/E or A/C/G  
540 7.8 0.540 31 1/2 Pin Nocks A/C/E A/C/E or A/C/G  
610 7.4 0.610 31 Pin Nocks A/C/E A/C/E or A/C/G  
660 7.1 0.660 30 3/4 Pin Nocks A/C/E A/C/E or A/C/G  
710 6.7 0.710 30 1/2 Pin Nocks A/C/E A/C/E or A/C/G  
810 6.2 0.810 30 Pin Nocks A/C/E A/C/E or A/C/G  
880 6.1 0.880 29 1/2 Pin Nocks A/C/E A/C/E or A/C/G  
1000 5.7 1.000 29 Pin Nocks A/C/E A/C/E or A/C/G  
1150 5.5 1.150 28 1/2 Pin Nocks A/C/E A/C/E or A/C/G  
1300 5.1 1.300 28 1/2 Pin Nocks A/C/E A/C/E or A/C/G  
1500 4.7 1.500 28 Pin Nocks A/C/E A/C/E or A/C/G  


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Hi, When specifying Cut/Draw Length. Is the cut length measured from Shaft End to Shaft End for the ACG. OR do I need to specify my length from nock grove to carbon end? Therefore specifying the nock type i use.

End of shafts - The reason I do it this way is it is easier. Different people use different nocks and systems so this is just simple.

I currently shoot a 50# PSE Drive for 3D target only. What A/C/G size arrow is recommended for this setup? It must be screw in point so what weight insert and points are req.? Do you have any other recomendations? length = 29", Thanks Todd

There are Easton arrow charts you can look it up but as a rule - 500 is for 50#, 400 for 60#, 340 for 70#. So 50# the drive is pretty standard I would look at a spine of 500.

Hi, I would like to ask do you have Easton A/C/G shafts 710 in stock ? Kind Regards, Kai Seng

We generally have all the ACG sizes in stock. If we are out of stock we will email or phone you. It would be very rare to be out of stock. Easton orders come in weekly so even when we sell a size it is in a couple of days later.

Hi, Do you have the 710 size in stock and what would you recommend for the size and type of spinwings for these. And if not spinwings, what vane size would you recommend. Thanks, Jeff Petersen

Generally we have them in stock. Almost everyone shoots spin wings in 1 3/4"