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PSE NI module (A,B,C,D) long
Fits PSE single cam bows - Stinger, Brute, Bow madness, Money Maker
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Note each letter is 1".  A is the longest draw length.  No bow press is required to adjust module or replace module 

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I gave a PSE Moneymaker. Draw length range says 27-32 but it only has ABCD holes. I'm looking for 28" draw length but shortest I can get is 29" on D hole. Do you a module with shorter length settings.(EF?)

No Sorry.

I need a quote for shipping this item to canada quickly. Thanks,


I have a PSE Stinger. I need a 30" draw length. The cam says NRG Inner Cam. The number is 7390 & 7396R. Letters are CDEF. I can send pictures if you need them.

The stinger comes with ABCD. you need this module and you will need to set it on A.

I bought used PSE MoneyMaker X NI with NRG Inner Cam and module 7390 (C, D, E, F). I can set my bow short (low) draw length - up to about 28,5". My draw length is 30,5" or 31". So I need other module type to set my draw length. Please write what do you can offer for me. Do you can ship overseas (to Poland) od you need address to my friends from USA? Regards, Karol.

We have the modules in stock