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Win and Win WS600 Carbon Sight
High Quality used by Olympic archers. Great finish, high quality machining. One of the best recurve sights on the market

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WS600 is WIN&WIN’s precision-machined competition sight, trusted by some of the world’s best archers. It has wheel tuners to accurately measure fine sight movements and a slide bar for convenient and smooth vertical adjustment. A unique bolt system securely locks the sight in place.

Foam inside its carbon extension bar protects the WS600 from damaging vibration that travels through a bow when it is shot. It also keeps weight to a minimum and prevents torque during shooting.

Never compromise your aim. Choose the trust worthy, sturdy and secure WS600 sight from WIN&WIN.

This is the sight choosen by top Korean archer Choi Mi-sun.   Choi was the highest ranking female archer at the 2016 Rio Olympics.


Name : Steven Hann
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Review : I have four of these sights. Great value for a top target recurve carbon sight. I have had no screws come loose after years of use. Easy to use.

Can you tell me if this sight slides up and down easily the whole length of the vertical range or whether you have to take the sight block off and re connect it where you need it. On your yourtube videos it looks like it grabs behind the vertical measure bar.

it slide the length of the sight

Hi Just checking you have this sight in stock before ordering. Silver preferred. Cost for purchase and export delivery to New Zealand please (nett of GST?) thx Tony Walker

Yes in stock - the website calculates postage and costs to NZ Thanks Steven