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Carbon Force Hunter arrows each +/- 006
Unique strong arrow by PSE. Made using a unique mesh wrapping process for added strength. Just add a screw in field point


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 Specify the shaft size you require in the description

Arrows are sold in matched sets.  Arrows come with inserts you need to buy points seperately

Shaft Information


Size Wieght Spine
100 6.6 g inch .520
200 7.5 g inch .424
300 8.6 g inch .359
400 9.2 g inch   .337


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Review : Tough arrow Came with my PSE Stinger - these take a hammering and don't break. Tried cheaper arrows and they break all the time. Great value

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Review : best cheep arrow Online Shopper

Hello i was just wondering if these carbon force hunter arrows are suitable for a 60 pound draw weight compound bow.

Yes either 200 or 300. 200 is lighter

Hello, I am a beginner with a draw length of 26". I own a compound bow with a max 65lb. Would these arrows be suitable for me? If not, what would you recommend?

300 would be fine

Hello, I recently broke one of these arrows all my fault is there anyway that you guys can fix them. It is only the front took of about 3" including the arrow head and the thing that it screws into

You can cut it and stick an insert in. But the arrow will be shorter

I have a apex blizzard compound bow and I shoot at about 30 pounds with 30" arrows would these arrows be suitable for my bow?

The spine size 100 will suit a 30# bow well, and are near indestructible.

What target points would you recommend for these?

Screw in 5/16 100g - If looking for a target point I use Easton -60 hyper speed point 90grain

how many are in the pack is it six or one


Does it come in a pack of 6?

They are each. You can buy dozens which is cheaper.

which arro woould you recommend for 60 lb compound would you recommend for £60 compound bow?

Carbon Force 200 for 60#, 300 for 70#.

I am trying to buy these arrows but when I click add to cart nothing happens. so it looks like I cant purchase anything.

Are you using a mobile device? Sometimes a desktop computer is a better option if you have computer issues.

What points would be recommended for this arrow?

5/16 screw in 100 or 125 grain. Saunders Combo points are the most popular

hi there iam chaseing pse radial x weaver stl hunter 300 pack of 12 do you have any can you get some please if so please contact me via email iam unsure if the ones on your web are the same please help

what would you recommend for a 45 pound compound

200 spine

What size do you recommend for a PSE Stinger 3G 60#?


hi there i just brought a pse stinger 3g ready to shoot package from you and iam just wondering if theres arrows will be ok for the bow, iam new to this so don't now much also which release would you recommend? thanks jimmy

Hi Jimmy The arrows will be fine, we would not put them in the package otherwise. Any release will be fine. The one we sell in the field ready package is a Tru Fire Hurricane

how does sizing work, i am after 31.5" shaft. 100/200/300/400 are what ? i am looking at your carbon force hunters

Yes they are 31.5" shaft