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Cartel Klaus Deluxe Longbow - Viper DLX
Available in light or Dark colours, nicely finished bow

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Available in light or Dark colours, nicely finished bow
Name : Anonymous
Location : Year(s)
Title : light to hold, shoots well.
Review : light to hold, shoots well. I have found nothing wrong with it Handles well The shepherd

Name : Anonymous
Location : Month(s)
Title : Excellent instinctive shooting qualities, easy handling.
Review : Excellent instinctive shooting qualities, easy handling. Plain finish, slight hand shock Archery as it should be Online Shopper

Name : Anonymous
Location : Month(s)
Title : Light, forgiving, accurate
Review : Light, forgiving, accurate Just a tiny tiny bit of hand vibration... Nothing you can''t overcome with practice Basic traditionalist Online Shopper

Hi, what is the draw length on this bow and do you have any in stock? Both my daughter and I want to shoot longbow. Thanks.

All longbows and Recurves are measured at 28" so if you draw more then poundage is greater and if you draw less poundage is less. We do have lots in stock.

planning on buying the cartel viper deluxe in 30lb RH - with a calculated draw length of 28" - what arrows would you recommend in the Gold tip traditional range?

The lightest they make.

hi there, second question . . . if i select this bow @ #50, what weight / specs do i need for these arrows? Gold Tip Tradtional Arrows 4" Feathers. tips for these arrows?

Traditional goldtip arrows are the same as normal goldtip just the wood finish. Feathers shoot better. The Traditional goldtip with feathers have better feathers. But yes a good choice.

hi mate, was into archery as a teen, using a 50# pearson compound then. thinking of getting back into it, want to go traditional. question is . . . #???? way stronger now then i was as a teen, but haven't shot in decades. plus traditional draw weight vs compound assistance . . . .

The higher the poundage the more you fatigue 45-50# is the normal size for a man.

cartel longbow What would the postage/freight be to postcode 2536


Hi I was just wondering if they come with arrows


I see you have a choice for size & rh/lh... but you have different coloured hand grips... how do I select which colour? Because... I'd like the black, I don't like the tan.

Put it in the notes. We then check to see what is in stock and let you know.

will the bow take fast flight string


Hi is this bow ok for someone with a 31.5 inch draw? also I have two sets of arrows - Easton Platinum Plus 2114, and Lightspeed 400s - can I use these with this bow? Lastly - how much is postage to Sydney (Burraneer) 2230 Thanks so much Steve

Yes. Postage - the website calculates it roughly $25 Steven

hello there, out of curiousity if i buy the cartel viper deluxe longbow online would it get posted to me or would i have to come to the store to pick it up? and also would i laso need to purchase a bow stringer to put the string on??

We are only an online store. So the bow will be posted. I recommend a bow stringer, if you string the bow around you legs you risk the chance of breaking the bow through twisting it.

Im ordering the Cartel Viper deluxe longbow what size nocking point do i need for it? Thank you


hey, im 10ft 11" and was wondering if this bow would be a good to get, for a starter?

The bow is a longbow - it is a good quality bow and I have not had any problems with them. Longbows are hard to shoot though.

hi just want to know if it is ready to shoot and does it come with the string

Generally recurves and longbows don't come with a string, because people want different ones. I normally throw one in. Other things you may need, Bear hair rest, nocking points, longbow stringer.

How long is the bow?