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Super Peep Lens
Super Peep lens to clarify the scope

super size

super Lens size

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Super Peeps lens are used for:

  • To clear up the image when using a scope with a lens (called a standard clarifier)
  • #1 Lens (yellow mark on aperture) is a weak clarifier lens which can be used with any scope lens.
  • #2 Lens (green mark on aperture) is a standard clarifier lens. This lens will usually work best with medium power scope lenses. Usually a larger aiming dot is required in the scope.
  • #3 Lens (red mark on aperture) is mainly used to clear up high power scope lenses. The drawback associated with using this lens is that it will make your aiming dot disappear and you will have to use a large dot on the scope lens.

What Size?

The larger the size the better for low light conditions, the smaller the size the clearer the scope and the more tight the arrow grouping

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Hi, Is this the clarifier that fits into the TP 515 peep housing? - Does each of these clarifiers come with a particular size aperture? Thank you.

The standard Specialty Archery peeps fit the TP515. Peeps do come in different apertures so you need to know what size you're after.

i currently use a 1/8' peep and the vision through the scope is blurry,should i use the same size clarifier or does the lens make my scope smaller making it different sight

Lens will clear it up. Lower power lens is less blurry.