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Muzzy 3 blade broadheads 6 packet
Super strong, proven in the field time after time

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Super strong, proven in the field time after time
Name : J. Gibbs
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Review : Great broadhead, razor sharp out of the box and has the bonus of practice blades and wrench. Plenty of penetration out of a 60lb bear leigon and are landing with my target points consistently, I've shot out to 20m with no noticable noise, definatley will be ordering more

Name : Anonymous
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Title : easy penertration
Review : easy penertration cant have around children good

Hi, my crypton you sold me is fantastic it came with scratch on the riser but a little touch up paint fixed that. The arrows that came with the bow can I have another dozen and are these broad heads suitable and what other heads would you recommend for small game and what weight heads would you recommend. Will the arrows come with practise heads. Please also provide cost. Thanks once again. Also string wax and how often should I apply.

It depends on the size of the game. Rabbits people tend to use Judos, Bludgeon, SGH. Larger animals people tend use broadheads. 100gr is the most common. The heavier the head the more penetration, however people like to have higher speeds. Most people target shoot so they use broadheads which match broadheads. About 90% of people use 100gr. Wax apply when the string becomes dry. That depends on how many shots you take, heat and conditions.

Are the muzzy broadheads standard screw in and ok for wild boar hunting? I have a stinger 3g set at 50-60 with rhino shafts and carbon express with the pack of inserts you provided with the bow. Thank you.Plus my peep hple is crooked so I cant see through it to aim and lastly, how the hell do you stop an arrow from going for miles or into a tree if you miss the target? Still sighting in.Thank you.Jon.

All points and broadheads use the same thread. Your peeop should be connected with rubber. If the rubber is twisted at full draw, reconnect it. Missing the target is a problem - people use Judo points for rabbits to stop this. But The Stinger is a good bow so I would only shoot distances where you can shoot a tennis ball at, that way you won't miss. The Stinger should be good at 40 metres so you should not really miss. Muzzy heads are fine.