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Rose City Premium Port Orford Cedar wood Shafts 1dz
For making traditional Wood Arrows. Shafts come in 1dz lots in 5# spine range. The best traditional shaft on the market

Spine Weight

Wood Shafts

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5/16 shafts come in 30-35#,35-40#,40-45#,45-50#
11/32 shafts come in 45-50#,50-55#,55-60#
23/64 shafts 60-65#,65-70#

Name : Jason
Location : Granville Qld
Title : Great Shafts
Review : I bought 2 dozen shafts for myself and my kids. The kids shoot 45lb traditional long bows and I shoot a 40lb recurve. These arrows work brilliantly out of all the bows. Lovely colour and all very straight

Name : Anonymous
Location : Day(s)
Title : Fairly Straight, solid, easy to work, nice colour, Fairly consistant weights.
Review : Fairly Straight, solid, easy to work, nice colour, Fairly consistant weights. A Little Light Online Shopper

Name : Anonymous
Location : Day(s)
Title :
Review : Online Shopper

I forgot to ask in the last inquiry about length of the "Rose City Premium Port Orford Cedar wood Shafts", I'll be wanting the 5/16 shafts in 35-40#, do you have them in stock? Thanks

Yes we have these in stock currently

Howdy, How long are the Rose City Premium Port Orford Cedar wood Shafts? Thanks

They vary in length from 30.5 to 32"

Hi there, Was wondering what length the cedar shafts are? All the best Tom

These are between 30-32" out of the box

This is my first time buying wood arrows and I have found conflicting info on effect of head weight on spine. What would be the correct spine for ribtek 145 grain with a 50 pound laminate recurve at 30"?

Spine is hard. It depends on the length of the arrow, speed of the bow point weight. Trial and error is the best methiod. Using 50# get 50-55# woods and see how they go. If you need them to flex more - then you can go longer or heavier point. If the flex to much then lighter point and cut them down.

What spine weight for my 46lb recurve with a 29in draw

try 45-50#

Hello, What's the length of the shafts? Cheers Matt Thompson

Depends on the shaft - but normally 32"

Does it come with screw in field points

No - These are wooden shafts - they are blank bits of wood.

Hey, I was just wondering how long these Port Orford Cedar wood shafts are?


Are these complete arrows or just the wood shafts? If complete arrows what sort of fletching (plastic or feather) and what is the arrow length? Thank you Peter