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WNS Premium + limbs
Affordable universal fiberglass limbs - note these limbs are the same as KAP fibreglass limbs.

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Name : Jason
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Review : Great set of limbs that work well for target archery. These were packaged well and arrived in Melbourne in 3 days. The call service treated me as a valued customer.

Name : Anonymous
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Title : Easy in install, Easy to string up and surprisingly quiet shooting
Review : Easy in install, Easy to string up and surprisingly quiet shooting Small cosmetic defects that you have to try to find, Other than that, No cons. Beginner Arche Tom

My daughter is 16 medium build and currently shooting 25lb she is not at intermediate stage yet . What size limbs on a 25" riser ?

If she is finding 25# easy then you can wind the bow up. I would jump in 4# stages since you can wind the bow up

I'm a beginner archer and can shoot 20 pounds for 2 hours without tiring too much. Not sure whether to get 22 or 24 pound limbs. Also, the riser I'm planning to buy is the SF forged+ which say it has 'adjustable poundage', by how much can I adjust the poundage?

Riser 4#. The higher the poundage the quicker you will get tired. You will need to build up the poundage so you eventually will need to buy stronger limbs. 2# you really can not feel the difference.

Are these limbs suitable for a pse summit bow. it has a 23" riser and has medium limbs.Does it take fast flight as well?


Can these limbs be used with the SF Forged + riser?

They are a universal limb so they work on all risers. So yes work fine on a Forged riser

Are these limbs interchangeable with Hoyts formula limbs? I.e. Tiburon riser.

They are interchangeable limbs with standard fittings - I don't know if Hoyt Tiburon use standard fitting.

Are these limbs compatible with the 25" Cartel Fantom Riser you have stocked on your website? Thanks in advance!