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PSE Cable Slide coloured
Cable Slide - made for 2011 PSE


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Cable Slide - made for 2011 PSE
Name : Danny
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Review : Excellent service and Delivery,and of course Excellent PSE Product.

Hi, I have recently bought a redzone compound bow but it's missing the cable slide and bar I was wondering if you sell any bars as I haven't been able to find any?

No sorry we don't have any bars. 5/16 Stainless rod should do the trick though.

Does this fit on the Bear Encounter or only PSE bows? Cheers.

Fits all bows.

Would this 2011 pse cable slide fit the 2013 pse rally. Cheers Dave

Yes - fits all bows

Hi there, i have a had a compound bow for nearly three months and i shoot an average of about 100 shots per week, and the other day i notice that the cable slide might be wearing out the cable as it is fraying a bit, is this normal or should i replace with a better cable slide to avoid more damage to the cable? please i am self taught archer and it is really appreciated your word of advise!!. Thanks.

The cable slide will wear but not in 3 months. They tend to last. The cables will rub where they travel through the cable slide. I would just wax the cables and stick with it. The string set should last 1-2 years. I would stay with the red PSE cable slide as the slide is made for the new PSE's