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Carbon Express Heritage shafts dz
For traditional archers shooting longbow or recurve - wood finish

Hertige Arrow

Arrow Cut / Draw Length

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The Heritage arrow is designed for the hunter who wants the look and feel of classic cedar with the high-tech performance and toughness of carbon composite. This perfectly spined shaft is ideal for recurve or longbows.

  • Patented BuffTuff construction — the world’s toughest and quietest carbon arrow finish
  • Carbon composite construction for unsurpassed strength and durability
  • Straightness: ± 0.005" max.
  • Weight tolerance: ± 2.0 grains
    * Bare shaft weight
Model Size Qty Grains/Inch* Spine Diameter
W1413 75 12 pack 8.8 0.611" 0.288"
W1410 90 12 pack 9.4 0.530" 0.291"
W1402 150 12 pack 10.0 0.487" 0.300"
W1400 250 12 pack 11.0 0.373" 0.305"
W1401 350 12 pack 12.0 0.320" 0.309"
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Do the Carbon Express 90's come with nock inserts, nock's and point inserts? Also, do the Carbon Express Predator II's come with nock inserts, nocks' and point inserts?

Shafts come with nocks and inserts

Hey guys, just having a little trouble working out spine rating. Will be shooting from a fairly light bow (35# Samick Sage) - would the 75 be an appropriate choice? Thanks!

Spine is hard without trying. Spine is affected by point weight and draw length, speed of the bow. 75 is light spine and you have a light bow. But it is hard to know without trying and without all the variables.

Have 40# @28" longbow which is not cut to centre. I'm currently using 1916 alloys which have half inch cut off to get good flight. What is the equivalent size in the heritage shafts? Cheers Trevor

1916 is is similar to 600 spine. So the 75 is probably the closest.