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Easton G nocks dz
Easton G nocks are used with many shafts. available in small .088, large .098



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Please note: Blue only comes in Large Groove.
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which nocks suit easton xx75 platinum 2016 0.531 shafts for recurve bow

Yes G series nocks. Bohning "F"nocks.

What size do I need for the Easton Lightspeed 400 arrows?

Size refers to the size of the string - large is for compound and small for recurve generally

Do Easton G nocks fit a .165 ID shaft ?

Easton G nocks fit ACE standard shafts. This is a standard size. not sure what .165 means.

My son has Cartel Striker 560 arrows. I need replacement nocks for them, which size and what nocks are best?

Small nocks are for recurve bows and Large for compounds

Do " Eastern G nocks" fit eastern power flight arrows

No. Power flight use signature fitting nocks. To use G nocks you would need the CB uni bushing.