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Neet Traditional armguard AGL5 Burgundy
Burgundy Leather boot lace 7 3/4" X 8 3/4". One size fits all, Boot lace hooks with elastic cord lacing
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7 1/2" X 8 1/2" - one size fits all
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hi mate the the order I have is for the arm gard with the 10 hooks not the one that has 6 hooks? I cant rember if I had put that imfo in, sorry if I have caused any problems.

The AGL 5 has 10 hooks. The AGL 6 has 6 hooks. The AGL 5 is 7 3/4" X 8 3/4", The AGL6 is 6 3/8" X 7"

could you please tell me p/h to come to Townsville nq for your item arm guard t-agl -5 71/2 by 81/2 thank you

The website calculates it $8-$10