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Easton Nibb Point
Nibb point for Alluminum arrows


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Nibb point for Alluminum arrows
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If I bought shafts only What 120 gram tips and nock points would I need for the Easton x7 7178 shafts Thnx Rick

You will need to check Easton Website - Most nibbs weights depend on the size of the shaft. Most will be less than 120gr

Hi, in the question section for Easton Jazz arrow shafts, you suggested these points, but to get a dozen would be outside my budget (unless there is a typo and this page is for a dozen and not for a single point). What would be an acceptable alternative point?

The price is for dz

Hi, Just wanted to know how many grains the 2315 nibb points are? there different weights? Looking for 150-200 grain points for indoor. Thanks Daniel

Easton don't make a nibb in 2315. Easton make a one piece 2315 point which is 100gr