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Saunders Combo Points dz
Reduces wear in 3D targets

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Combo Points™
Low Drag & Less Matt Wear

Combo Points™ have earned endorsement by the major 3-D and foam target manufacturers for their ability to extend target life. Their patented form produces a smaller entry hole. This allows for less drag, greater speed and unsurpassed accuracy. Made of high strength Tellurium alloy steel with rich black oxide finish, the Combo Point™ is the choice of top shooters. No need for old fashion bullet or field points...Combo Points™ out perform them all.

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Do u have these points to fit deep 6 shafts?


My son has recently purchased a PSE Mini Burner 40Lb model. It is set lightly at about 18Lb at the moment as he is only young and the tips on the arrows that came with it have trouble penetrating the target we made. I have switched one of them out to one of these finer points and they penetrate much better. What size point weight and size should we buy to fit the arrows that came with it thanks?

Not having seen your son its a bit hard to see what size he is, I would sugest changing the arrows to Xelium 700 they cost $70.00 per doz or $7.00 each You could try turning up the poundage a quarter of a turn at a time

Do these come with inserts?


Hello, I am currently testing different arrow point weights and I would like to buy a 85 and a 100 grain tip from the 5/16 Saunders combo target points range of arrow tips. Is it possible for me to buy one of each of these tips and if so how much would it cost? Thanks,

$1 each

Hi would the saunders combo points good for the eaton game getter sharfts, or what point would you suggest for target thanks

100gr - the size will depend on the arrow chosen

Hi, I purchased a 2014 drive LT, it came with 2 x weave stl hunter 200, are these the tips that come with those? If it is what size?

5/16 100gr

what size, if any, will fit Carbon Express Predator 2 Arrows 2040? would this setup be ok for a 40# target recurve?

2040 9/32. The weight is up to you 100gr is standard. 2040 mean for bows 20# and 40#. With a recurve you need to get the arrow to flex out of the bow so getting the right arrow is tough and can be a bit of trial and error. I find the arrow charts are a bit stiff for a recurve so I tend to shoot 1 under the chart. 40# recurve it depends alot on the bow and the draw length. the 2040 may be to light 3050 may be a safer start.

what size points would you recommend for 340 Easton Powerflight Shafts?

5/ 16" 100gr or 125gr. 100gr is more popular.

Are these points able to shoot 3d targets?

Yes - they are designed for 3D targets

hi i brought a pse brut kit from you it came with carbon force stl hunter 300 arrows what weight and size tips do they have?

5/16. Weight 100gr is standard. Some people prefer 125gr.

What size target tip would fit the easton axis, meaning the 9/32 etc.

I think so

what size combo point would be good for a easton powerflight 500 with an insert

5/16 for standard carbon shafts, however some people like 9/32 as it is a bit smaller and does not catch on targets.

How many points do you get for the $9.00?

1dz or 12