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Super Peep Aperture
Easily adjust the size of your peep sight

super size

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The SUPER BALL PEEP is the most versatile peep ever designed... 5 different hole sizes that will interchange without removing the peep from the string.  Plus you can remove the aperture for a 3/16" hole. A wrench for removing the peep is included with each kit.
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Hi I have a 8x scope. I need a clarifier lens and peep housing. What would you recommend?

It is really hard to know on both accounts. If you can make it into a shop you can test it. The size of the aperture depends on a lot of things - length of bow, sight length, scope width. Years ago smallest was the way now the holes are getting a lot bigger. The #3 clarifier is recommended for 7 and 8X. I would start with a medium size hole.