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Royal Coss Carbon Limbs. Allow 3 weeks to come in
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I noticed you stock the W&W Winex Limbs, but I couldn't find the W&W Winex 25in Riser in Blue and Silver. Do you stock it, and how much is it?


I am interested in purchasing an SF Premium riser and Win and Win Winex limbs(36lb)I have a 26inch draw length and shoot a 64inch bow at the moment.Do you think a 68inch would be ok or can you supply short limbs which are available from other dealers(more expensive than you)These would make a 66inch bow.Also what would the freight charge be to Wellington New Zealand.?Thank you John.

For 26" I would go 66" it is just a bit faster than 68". We are a distributor for Win and Win so we buy direct. Win and Win make limbs on order. As a guess you are looking at 6 weeks for a custom limb. It takes about 2 weeks to get to NZ. You can check the freight rates to NZ. I would be guessing $40.

Hi. If I ordered the Limbs can I pick them up from Lonsdale. Say Hi to dad For me. Regards Mike "L"

You can pick them up but postage is only $5 in Adelaide and the deliver 3 times a day. They take 3 weeks to come in if not in stock

Stupid question but one worth asking. The Limb length in you product section is that = Total bow length based on 25" Riser? So if I am using a 27" riser i will need a pair of 68' risers for a bow total length of 70" ?