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WNS Forged Elite Alpha Riser 25"
Made by Win and Win Archery the WNS replaces the SF Forged machined riser is a high quality recurve riser. Finished in anodized finish it is very durable and looks great.
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Note the SF Forged and the WNS Forged are the same riser.  Win and Win changed the branding from SF to WNS mid 2017.

Note the WNS Forged riser does not come with plunger or an Arrow rest

The association of computer-aided design with forges techniques and digitally controlled machinery resulted in the development of an aluminum riser that meets extremely high specifications. The combination of these technologies has meant that rigid, lightweight and high-performance characteristics are all guaranteed. This riser, with its highly elaborate load distribution, enables men and women archers to achieve unprecedented levels of performance.

Length _ 25 inches
Weight _ 1.150kg
Available for right or left-handed archers.

MATT GRAY, Black, Blue, Silver, Red, Sky blue

Yellow and White are painted risers.

The SF Forged riser allows the poundge of the bow to be adjusted by winding the limb bolts in and out.  

Archery supplies is stocking all colours in right hand, left hand risers available in limited colours.  This is a high quality, high finish bow at an amazing price
Name : Matt
Location :
Title :
Review : I got the sky blue colour, it looks great. Nice finished product. Very happy.

Name : Michael
Location :
Title :
Review : Excellent service well packaged and arrived in Melbourne in 3 days from ordering. I have yet to use the riser but m,y wife has a similar one and it works very well and looks good.

Name : Jason
Location :
Title :
Review : This riser works quite well, and comes with a great plunger and rest. To me it has enough weight to keep me from needing any V-bars or rods. The finish is flawless and is undamaged in postage due to being packaged so well and was delivered to Melbourne within 3 days. Upon calling to check stock, I was greeted nicely and treated as a valued customer.

Name : Anonymous
Location :
Title :
Review : A good riser, great finish. Looks like it costs twice what it does.

Hi I like the SF forged plus matt dark grey colour, is the WNS forged elite alpha matt grey a darker or lighter grey? all so it looks like your sold out of the black & grey colours? if so do you know how long it will be, be for you get more in? thanks

The Forged riser has been replaced with the Motive. We have Yellow and Black in stock. It looks like the lighter grey.

What is the difference between this and the The WNS Motive FX Riser? Are they both ILF limb fitting? Are they both drew weight adjustable? Can you post to NZ? How much would that cost?

These are the same riser just new rebranding by W & W. Yes we can post to NZ, cost of shipping will be calculated at checkout.

Is this compatible with win and win winex limbs 42#?


If I am a righ handed archer who hold the bow with my left hand. Should I select RH or LH on your webpage. THanks

Right handed archers hold their bows in the left hand. You draw and shoot the bow with your right hand, making you a right handed shooter.

The image shown for this riser looks different from other websites that sell WNS Forged Elite Alpha Risers. Is the SF branded riser what i will receive? cheers.

We have a mix of both WNS and SF in stock, depending on colour and preference we can send either if we have stock. They are basically the same riser, just slightly different cutouts and WNS instead of SF branded on them (both brands owned by the same brand Win and Win)

visiting Adilaide 23 Dec to 30 dec what are your opening hrs at this time regards chris

Open on the 23 and 24. I will post opening times on facebook closer to the time

Hi, Iam interested in the sf forged plus 25" riser, left handed. What colors do you have in stock atm? Regards.

Checked yesterday and had most colours in stock.

Please send me cost for shipping 1 x left hand forged riser and 1 x right hand forged riser to Nelson, NZ.

The Website calculates postage

Hi Please confirm if you would ship the 25" forged riser and 68" carbon-foam limbs to South Is, NZ? If so estimate for total cost. I have 28" draw and novice, so ideally practice with 28lb; 5'8" height medium build :) Regards Paul

The website calculates postage

Hi, I was wondering if the riser has a metric or imperial thread for the plunger thanks

Imperial thread

Hi, as a beginner to archery I'm interested in getting my own gear and I'm looking at this riser. I was wondering whether it uses international limb fittings or not. Thanks

Yes it uses international fittings

Hi, Do you have the SF Forged+ RH Matt Gray risers in stock at the moment? Thanks, Joel

HI Joel no matt greys at present but we have blue, red, silver, and the silver is similar to grey only shinier if that makes sense. Not matt though. The silver goes out the door as soon as we order it in. Should have another delivery of the matt greys within the next couple of weeks so check back in then. Thanks

Are you able to order this riser in the Matt Dark Gray finish?

We normally have them in stock, we are out this week of dark gray. We expect Win and Win to ship this week so late next week to early the week after.

Hi, are you getting the 23" version of this riser some time soon, if at all? Thanks.

Only stock 25". 23" are very hard to sell. If you want 23" we can order it in - I would guess 2-3 months wait.

Do you supply complete bows with riser, limbs, string, arrow nocks,sight, plunger buttons, stabiliser and arrow rest completely set up and ready to shoot?

You need to select all the items - we can set it up for you just put a note in the order. With recurves we don't do Ready to Shoot kits like compounds because there is just so much variation in what people want in colour and options. Just select all the parts you want and ask us to make it for you.