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WNS Elite Fibre / Foam limbs
Affordable universal fiberglass Foam limbs. Improves speed and is impervious to heat,cold and moisture

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Review : shoots great. Had them for 3 years still going strong

Hi I have a Martin Jaguar riser. I've been told I can put any brand limbs on it as long as it's the right size. If I can fit any, can you recommend a few please. Thanks

With the Jaguar Elite you can use IF limbs but it is a 19" riser and IF risers are normally 25" so the poundage increases and the bow length decreases. I have had issues before with people doing this because they don't get the poundage they want.

Hi Is there higher poundages in these limbs? Many thanks

I think they stop at 40#

Hi, Im looking to get these limbs in 68" with an SF Forged Plus 23" Riser. Would a string be provided? If not, what length string should I order? Thanks.

No - You need to buy a string

Hi there, is 34# the highest strength these limbs are available? Happy to wait if others can be ordered. Many thanks,


Can you order in the SF Elite Fibre/Carbon Limbs in 66" and how long would it take

Yes - It depends on Win and Win making them - A best guess would be 4-6 weeks.

if i want a 68" bow and get a 25" riser what length limbs do i get?

68". 25" is the standard riser. it accounts for 98% of all sales.

Hi, I am looking to upgrade my limbs for my recurve bow. I have been shooting for only a year, and currently have the SF premium wood limbs (66 length and 22 weight). I have already had them tightened to a max 27lbs, and now I am finding that pretty easy to pull back. Would these limbs be a good step up for me? And what weight would you recommend upgrading too? I am currently thinking 30, and I think I will be able to increase the weight a few a couple more times after that. Is there much advantage in getting these limbs over sticking with the SF premium wood while I am still increasing weight? Thanks Zoe

30# 68" They are all pretty much the same. The advantage of foam is that it is not affected by heat.

hi how can i buy it

You sign up and order online. Use credit card or paypal

Do these come in a 66" ?

Yes but I dont think I have stocked them in 66"