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WNS Optimo Riser
Wooden riser. You will need to purchase SF Optimo limbs, String and arrow rest.

Handle Type

Handle Length

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Handle Size     Bow Length
14.5"               48"
19.5"               54"
19.5"               58"
20"                  62"
22"                  64"
24"                  66", 68", 70"
Name : Happy customer
Location : Brisbane
Title : .
Review : Bought this riser to go with some Samick Polaris limbs. Limbs fit nearly perfectly just a little loose, fixed that with a very thin wedge of wood. Screws on Optimo are much larger so needed to drill out the collar on the Samick limb. Only buy this riser to fit Optimo limbs, unless you're handy. Can't complain about the store service, but wouldn't select Fastway delivery again took 9 days to deliver to 50k away from Brisbane CBD.

Name : Quality and good price
Location :
Title :
Review : I bought this riser two weeks ago in the Archery Supplies Shop (O'Sullivan beach - Adelaide) and I am very happy with it. But I would like to highlight the excellent customer service. I recommend the product and the shop. If you have the opportunity go to the shop...

Hello, I am wanting to purchase this riser and rest of bow + string. I am not sure what size to get, I am a 172cm woman and want it to be about 25pound. Which handle length would suit me? Kind regards, Amy

It is all personal preference. A 66", 68" or 70" total length bow will work. Shorter is faster, longer is more forgiving.

Hi I'm 14 and want to start archery. I have a tight budget so don't want to go to expensive. Is this the right bow for me and if so, how do I determine the handle size. (I'm 173cm tall if that helps). Cheers

You need 24" riser and either 68" or 70" limbs probably around 24-26#

What is the draw weight of the SF Optimo Riser Wooden riser. Need SF Optimo limbs, String and arrow rest.

It is a wood riser you need limbs

what limbs to fit sf optimo

SF Optimo limbs

Hi, does this riser take any other limbs, are they a universal fit?

Optimo limbs - They are a screw in limbs.