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WNS Optimo Limbs
For use with Optimo Riser

Limb Length

Limb weight

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Handle Size     Bow Length
14.5"               48"
19.5"               54"
19.5"               58"
20"                  62"
22"                  64"
24"                  66", 68", 70"
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We have a riser from Great tree archery. It has the same screw in limb system - is it likely the optima limbs will fit?

I have no idea. It is better to use the same brand. But it would be my guess that it is probably the same company making it for Great tree. But Great tree maybe samick.

do you have 22lb optimo limbs in stock?


I purchased a Martin jaguar but am finding the 55# draw weight I chose abit too heavy to use just for regular practice. Will these limbs fit my bow? If so what length would I use for the jaguar. Thanks in advance.

The optimo limbs wont fit the jagur.

Will all strings work with this bow?


Hi, just wondering if the 32# limbs are 32# at 28 inches of draw length? If that's the case, what would be the approximate draw weight at 31 inches draw length? Cheers

Yes - so you add on 3" as a guess +9# so 41#

Do these limbs fit a PSE Optima bow?


Does the bow have universal limb slots


Does the bow have universal limb slots


Are the Optimo limbs interchangeable with Polaris? i.e will they fit on a Samick Polaris riser?

We don't sell that riser, so we are unsure

what draw weight will these limbs produce

It would depend on the poundage you select. The weight goes up to 32#

What is the maximum poundage for these limbs?

34# roughly. The smaller the bow the less poundage.