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Cartel Fantom Riser 25"
Metal Riser with adjustable poundage, uses standard interchangable limbs. 1200g.


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1) Features:

- Very stylish design with high-polish paint coating.
- Installed the adjustable limb pocket block for hassle free limb alignment (Tiller/Center shot)
- Optimized handle design to efficiently reduce vibration and noise.
- Anti-slip synthetic grip (high quality rubber coated) for better shooting balance.
- Wide range of color options as per archer’s style and preference.
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Review : This riser was recommended to me as a beginner and I really like it so far.

Hi. What is recomended maximum poundage for this riser and does it come in 25inch only. thanks

40# is the strongest limbs made - it will cater for more. But if using 50# and carbon arrows then machined riser is better

Im starting out in archery and have been shooting at a local club at 20" and a 68 inch bow. Is this the right equipment for me? Im 5'3" with a 25" draw length. Everything I have read has said I should be shooting a 66". I shoot easily and in the red yellow consistently for 1.5 hours. Cheers

You can get 66" with a 25" riser or a 23" riser. 25" riser is the most common.

Hi just wondering if you have this riser in LH white? If not what is the wait on an order in? And to confirm, your prices are in AUD? Thanks

They don't do left handed in the cartel fantom, you would have to go to the SF Axiom. We have them in stock

how much for bow string to go with this


Hi i am a L/H archer but the selection panel allows for the selection of R/H or L/H Cartel Fantom risers but in the Q&A section you state you only stock R/H ? Regards Paul

I did only stock RH I do have some LH in stock but not in all colours

I currently have a Cartel Sirius riser that's 24" but is warped. If I get this 25" replacement off you, what difference will I note? The limbs have 66" on them.

It is a different riser. The Sirius is a screw in limb, the Fantom is a push in universal limb

Is the RH handle for a RH shooter as I hold the handle in my left hand so wasn't sure about what to select.

RH - right handed - hold the bow in your left draw with your right.

Will the SF Premium Limbs you stock fit this riser?


hi, im looking at getting this riser and pairing it with the cartel fantom limbs. what string do you recommend?

String is the size of the bow you choose which should be 68" generally. I would suggest Fast Flight as it is quicker. Normally start with 18 strands.

I want to purchase the cartel fandom riser but do not know what limbs string and arrows to get. Aim 6ft 4, so i was thinking 70" limbs, but not sure on the length of arrows i need. I am only starting out, so cheap may be the best option for in case i mess them up.

You need 70". Given 6" 4' draw is going to be 30-31" maybe longer so you need to add 10+ to the poundage. So a 28# limb will be 38# plus for you. Arrows Predator are cheap and made. size is probably 20-40. If you can afford them the Carbon Express Medalion XR are excellent but you will need to make them. I shoot Medallion XR with my recurve roughly $200 made. Predator are $100 made dz.

How heavy is this riser? Thanks in advance!

2.6 lbs

Does this come in left hand ? (L/H)

I only stocked R/h.