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Sure-Loc S2 scope body 35mm
Light weight high quality add the Eagle lengs
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Archery Supplies is the Australian Distributor for Sur loc

The Black Eagle has landed!

The SURE-LOC® Black Eagle 42mm and 29mm scopes are more popular than ever! The Black Eagle scope lens is made exclusively for SURE-LOC® by Swarovski Optik® and features their world famous Swarodur® anti-reflective coating.

Unique Lens Design
This scope is unlike any other on the market today. Swarovski has taken two lenses, each one flat on one side and ground on the other, then laminated the ground surfaces together. With the Swarodur® coating on the flat outside surfaces there is no glare. You won’t find this combination of SURE-LOC® quality and Swarovski® clarity anywhere else!

"Shock Collar" Lens Capture System
Our "Shock Collar" by Sims® surrounds the outside edges of the lens with Navcom® and nests it into our two-part lens capture system. This eliminates stress on the lens caused by tightening glass between two rigid pieces of metal and significantly reduces damaging vibration.


SURE-LOC® Black Eagle lenses are available in 2 sizes:

(.30, .55, .70, .80, 1.0 diopter)

(.30, .50, .60 diopter)

SURE-LOC® Black Eagle 42mm lens and 29mm lens

Black Eagle Scope Versatility

One side of the scope body has a milled hex pocket into which our hex-shaped armored scope rod tube can be inserted for a positive, fixed alignment position. The opposite side is flat and allows the Black Eagle scope to be used with other sight mounting applications. Along with the four positions to mount a fiber post and two positions to mount the scope level, you now have total versatility— right- or left-handed, choice of mounting side—and still have the level on the bottom! The scope level is factory mounted on the bottom of the scope for right-handed use with the hex pocket side or left-handed use with flat side.


No Glare Lens!

The sculptured scope body allows for maximum light gathering for fiber optics and drastically reduces weight.

SURE-LOC® Black Eagle scopes are available with your choice of a dot transfer kit or razor fiber pins in .019", .029" or .039" fiber sizes
SURE-LOC® Black Eagle scope lenses (29mm .30, .55, .70, .80, 1.0 diopter / 42mm .30, .50, .60 diopter) and body kits are also available separately.

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