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Gold Tip Traditional Shafts dz
Straight +/- .006 comes with nocks and inserts

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Gold Tip’s very popular Hunter Series arrows have a new name and some awesome new features. Each dozen Expedition Hunter arrows are hand weighed to within +/- 2 grains and are finished and are finished using state-of-the-art ultrasonic finishing system giving them a smoother, cleaner finish. The Expedition Hunter features a straightness tolerance of +/-.006”.

Size      Weight GRN/Inch      Length
1535               7.8                  30"
3555               8.6                  32"
5575               9.3                  32"
7595              11.0                 32"

Name : Silva
Location : Adelaide
Title : How many arrows
Review : So how mang of these arrows do i get for the $144.00 if i add 1 item to my cart what exactly does that mean? 1 shaft or 1 dozen shafts?

I just received my gold tip traditional 600 carbon shafts and I was wondering if you tell me what size field points suit these shafts I have some 9’32 points but they are a little bit wide Thank you.

5/16 points suit a Gold Tip traditional shaft. 9/32 should be too narrow though.

do you have 500 spine trad shafts available. kevin


Hi guys...i currently have traditionals in 55/75 (400s) that have been cut down bare shaft tune with 300grain BH with a shaft to nock throat length of 30" @61# predator phoenix longbow...flys sweet.....what would the equivelent spine be in a powerflight ?????.....just unsure if all carbons are the same..i dont care about my current traditionals being looking like wood...more concerned with cost point when losing a couple per hunt due to roll overs or loss...regards Baggs

Yes all carbons are the same and all arrows. 400 is 400. now some companies use different numbers such as Carbon express. Then you need to check what the numbers mean in terms of spine.

What size are the screw in field points for goldtip traditional?


What colour are the nocks? Can I have white?

They come with white nocks

Do i need to buy vanes for these shafts?


Hi do i need to purchase vanes for these arrows?


I have a 40# flatbow with a 27.5" draw. What sized arrows would suit this bow, 1535 or 3555? I will probably put a 100 grm point on them and cut them to 29". They would be used for target shooting.


I am just a beginner and have just purchased some Goldtip arrows Traditional Hunter 3555/500 8.6, +/-.006 32". I need draw length 30" with Carbon Express- Field Pionts 19/64 inserts I'm not sure if the points are 100grm or 125grm. Do your arrows come fletched with feathers?

100 or 125gr - 125gr is heavier which means slower. If you shoot recurve the heaverier the point the more flex you get in the arrow so with recurve shooting you test different point weights to see which one shoots better. About 85% of people now use 100gr Arrows come fletched with 4", 2" vanes or feathers. Feathers are only really used for traditional shooting, they cost a bit more. At the moment we stock goldtip exp hunter with feathers, we will be stocking goldtip traditional arrows with feathers in a couple of weeks.

Reference to the GT 33/55 arrow shafts.... do you fletch arrows to customers requirements. Eg 3" trueflight feathers with helical set. I'd be interested in a price for 1 dozen arrows with 11 fletched and 1 bare shaft. What are the type of nocks and inserts supplied with these arrows? Regards, Paul

No we buy goldtip arrows made from goldtip. We do not make arrows. Goldtip use goldtip inserts and goldtip nocks