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Martin Jaguar Elite take down recurve bow 60"
Comes in black or camo. This bow is new to the Martin lineup and is proving very popular.

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A new addition to our traditional line, the Jaguar Take-Down is built for durability, performance and convenience. Its lightweight aluminum/magnesium riser utilizes a solid limb alignment system to secure wood/glass laminate limbs. The riser will accept any type or design of arrow rest, stabilizer or bow quiver. A camo finish and Thermal grip add beauty and function to this very versatile bow.

Available in Next Camo® and Black.
Right hand only.

Technical Specifications
Draw Weight: 45#, 50#, 55#
Brace Height: 7” - 7 1/2”
Mass Weight: 2 lb. 12oz.
AMO Length: 60”

Name : kerry
Location :
Title :
Review : This Elite is a sweet shooter,fast,Great riser,nice solid limbs,very accurate,easy take down.Highly recommended.In response to Ray 12/05/15.Did the bow require any changes to fit ILF limbs.Cheers

Name : Ray
Location :
Title :
Review : This review is made after shooting this bow for a couple of months. FYI I owned several other recurve bows. I was looking for a low poundage inexpensive bow to lend to people and just for having fun. I decided to get 40lb limbs. First impression is that this bow is very light and combined with the extreme reflex design of the bow makes me wonder about stability. Limb quality seems to be good. It could not be compared to the top end limbs but for the price this is excellent. Unfortunately it comes with a cheap arrow rest. After replacing the arrow rest with nap flipper rest I decided to string this bow with my own string decided to keep the original string as spare. This is a 60" AMO bow. I made my own string and see how it goes. Anyway for a 40 pound it is a shooter,the bow needs a bit of work since I am not used to the grip. The reflex design boost speed, the bow is a bit twitchy. Definitely needs a stabilizer or some weight. After about 15 minutes of shooting from about 15 meters I manage to get 3 inch groups .... this is mismatch spine arrow. Seems very forgiving with arrow spine. After a couple of weeks of playing with this I manage to hit anything I can think of within 50 meters. Accuracy is good under 30m. Grouping is more than acceptable at 18m. This bow also accept ILF limb fitting. I fitted tradtech blackmax carbon wood medium limbs rated at 40lbs @28 it keeps the bow to 60" AMO. It ended up being around 43lbs @28. The bow is is still twitchy due to the reflex design, but so much smoother and has much better speed and stability. Conclusion: Good bow for the price, accept ILF limbs cheapest ILF bow on the market. A bit twitchy due to reflex design, can be fixed with stabilizer.

Is this bow suitable for hunting small game. and if so what is the recommended poundage for a 17 year old boy

yes this would be suitable for hunting small game. as for the poundage if he is just getting into it would go for 30 pounds but if you wanted to use it for hunting it is recommended you use 40 pounds or above.

Are these the old "carbon black" or the newer "flame black"? Looking for the carbon black

I probably have both.

Is it possible to have a draw weight of #35?

Yes we are just waiting for the shipment to come in

Does this bow come with a string? Do you have any packages for this bow?

Comes with a string. No we have not got a package for it.

Hi there, I was just wondering when I purchase this recurve bow it comes with arrows and if so how many Kind regards Ricky.

It does not come with arrows unless you purchase the kit

Does this bow take any ILF bow limbs? Or only specific makes? if so please list Thank you.

Yes - IF should fit all bows with that fitting

Hi, I am looking at purchasing my first bow and am looking at the jaguar. I just wanted to ask what was the difference between the jaguar and the elite? I see it aesthetically different, but do you believe it's worth the upgrade?

Different riser. I would but the cheaper one.