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Win and Win EZR Finger tab
New for 2015 designed to fit in your palm, very adjustable with little finger holder

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The round design of the EZ R Tab and unique sliding adjustments allow for comfortable thumb positioning and natural hooking. The unique plate positioning brings dynamic control over the WIAWIS EZ R finger tab. It is possible to control factors such as hand shape, the force is being transmitted through the hand, and sensation of the shot. The plate that supports the little finger can be micro-adjusted and is also detachable. The tab is made from reliable, high-quality genuine Cordovan leather.

Name : Steven
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Review : Love the EZR tab - I have tried all the archery tab on the market I love the Win and Win EZR. You can adjust the size of the tab to fit your hand. The leather is Cardovan which is tough. Shot thousands of arrows and no wear. The tab is expensive but most of the top quality tabs are expensive. The quality is better on the Win and Win EZR. I have been shooting the EZR for 6 months and still great.

Hi, what's the sizing guide on this Wiawis EZR Finger Tab. My hand flat on the table measures 3.70" acorss the knuckles. Thanks so much! Yvo

About the same size as my hand I would use a Large