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Gold Tip 9.3 Max Shaft dz
The maximum width FITA allowed 9.3mm (23/64) diameter. Straightness .005
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• Maximum World Archery/FITA allowable 9.3mm (23/64) diameter
• Extreme durability to handle stramit targets
• Industry leading straightness, weight and spine tolerances for exceptional accuracy
• Full line of target components available to meet the specific need of any archer
• Straightness Tolerance: +/- .005"
• Weight Tolerance: +/- 2 grains
• 250 (8.3 GPI / .365" O.D.)
Name : Stewart Gavin
Location : Rockhampton
Title : Customer - Gold Tip 9.3 Max Shaft
Review : Purchased a dozen of these on 4/5/20 .... Inv. # 1406687 Won't ever be buying any more of these. On fitting Gold Tip Pin Bushings (also purchased on the above invoice) one was found to be very loose fitting. Investigation proved the shaft to have a 1/2" long crack in the rear end. I can only conclude this occurred sometime in the past as the shafts were handled very carefully on receipt. The factory shrunk-on end-wrappings offer NO protection from rough handling, transportation or dropping of the bundle. Also, the arrow decals are very thick, therefore heavy, and to add to it one had a bubble/blister under it. None of this enhances the arrow's smooth passage over an arrow rest. The worst came when trying to fit the Gold Tip 9.3 Accu Points (modified by me due to their roughly machined exterior finish). These varied greatly in their fit into the shafts from "very free" to actually getting one permanently stuck prior to final seating. The point's shanks were individually measured prior and were found to be very consistent within 1/2 thou at least. The variable fit I can only put down to greatly varying internal diameters inside the shafts themselves. NB. All shafts were cleaned out inside prior too fitting work. In the end I finished up with ten matching shafts and two shorter ones due to having to cut the stuck point from one, and remove the cracked rear end from the other. At the cost of these components, which is certainly excessive in my opinion for the low standards of fit finish offered, I would never consider purchasing Gold Tip components or products of any form in future. Have yet to experience any such problems with Skylon products thankfully .... and they're much cheaper and better finished in every regard too. Stewart Gavin (Rockhampton, Qld.)

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