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Compact Hard Bow Case 110x43.5x17cm
Measurements: 110x43.5x17cm holds 6 arrows
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Holds parallel limb bows, compact design, airline approved.
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Will a Bear Status EKO fit in this case? Cheers

It should but we do not have one in stock to check.

Will Pse supra focus LD XL fit in this case

No, unfortunately, the 40'' Supra Focus XL does not fit in this case

The shipping for this item calculated $50.00 ..... is this correct as I recently had compound bow set shipped for cost of $20.00 .... Thanx ......

The hard cases are in fact significantly larger than an actual bow and due to this shipping costs more. Also some shipping couriers like TNT for example which takes the larger packages shipping costs change from time to time

Will a PSE Stinger (muddy Girl) fit in this case

Yes it will.

Will this case fit a Hoyt Carbon Spyder 34?

No I don't think it does. The pillers I think are in the way. We tried the plano as well with no luck.

Will this fit a PSE Stinger?


Does a Bear Cruzer RTH fit in this case?