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Topoint R2 Recurve Target Kit 68" RH
Comes with metal riser bow, 12 arrows, Quiver, armguard, finger tab, bow stringer, rest, bow string, wax, sight, and allen keys.


Limb weight

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The R2 recurve bow is the ideal beginner archers recurve.  The metal handle means you get all the advantages of a metal riser like a cut away riser for perfect arrow flight, better grip but at a price cheaper than the wood riser.

The kit has everything you need to get started.

Kit comes with
- R2 Recurve bow
- 12 arrows
- Bow stringer
- Bow wax
- Allen key
- String
- Armguard
- Finger tab
- Arrow rest
- Quiver

If you are going to use the Flipper arrow rest which comes with the bow you will need to buy a plunger button.
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Hi I'm just wondering if there is a left handed option as their isn't one listed?

Unfortunately, there is not

Hi just wondering what sort of package can you put together for beginners without spending big money?

The r2 kit is the most cost-effective kit to start archery with

Hi, I noticed in the product description that in setup, you discuss adding an arrow rest and nocking points. Is that done at the shop before sending the product or just do it yourself on arrival. I'm not to keen on using the flipper rest and was wondering if i need to order a different rest and nocking points. Thanks!

Hi Michael, We can set the rest and nocks up for you, just ensure you put it in the notes when you place your order. If there's anything else we can do to help you, please let us know. Good luck from the team at Archery Supplies

Hi, I've only just started out in archery and was wondering what limb weight would be suited to me? I'm a medium build woman Thank you for your help

It is hard to say. The Korean woman are all small and shoot 45# so it is more about your muscles and how often you shoot. I would start at around 24#. But as you increase you strength you should increase the limb strength. Always better to be to light than to heavy.