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Win and Win Wiawis NS Limbs (foam)
The newest limbs from Win and Win using Nano Graphene Foam- lighter, less string movement.

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Introducing graphene foam core!

Win&Win Archery is leading the way in carbon technology. We used graphene as a new core material: it has an excellent tensile strength and twice the power of any other foam material. 

2017 WIAWIS NS limbs improves power and stability, resulting in a shorter and narrower string movement when an arrow is shot. This makes shooting more forgiving, giving smoothness and an incredible accuracy.

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Do you have these in 70" or 68" at 48#or 46# in stock ?

Did you still need this info?

Do you have the win and win wiawis limbes in the 48# at 70" in stock if not what other limbs around that size and weight do you have in stock?

Did you still need this info?