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Topoint T1 Compound bow 15-70# 19-30"
Machined riser, easy draw length and poundage adjustment. Cams are fully machined. Focus grip like a Mathews.IBO 320fps, axle to axle 31", weight 3.85#


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  • Bow limb import from USA special limb supplier
  • CNC machining bow riser,material:6061-T6
  • CNC machining bow cam,material:7075-T6
  • Surface finish: anodize or camo water transfer
  • Bow string use BCY material
  • Draw Length:19-30" adjustable,without bow press
  • Draw weight:15-70lbs
  • IBO Rate Up to 320 fps
    Physical Weight 3.85 lbs.
    Axle to Axle 31"
    Brace Height 7"
    Let-off up to 80%
    Draw Weight 15-70 lbs
    Finish Anodized / Camo
    Draw Length 19 - 30"
    Riser Aluminum CNC Machining
    Cam Dual / Adjustable
    Bowstrings BCY
    String Length 58 3/4"
    Cable Length 33 15/16" x 2
    Grip Composite / Soft Touch

1 year warranty
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Hi I am after a setup for a beginner. I am LH 26in draw. Pulling 18lb recurve. Could you tell me if the T1 topoint can be set to this? I realise the draw weight and the let off will be different. If you have a bow scale to tell me the minimum initial weight and the let off weight for my 26in draw length that could help me decide if I should buy this model, which I have had many great reviews. thanks barb

the "TOPOINT T1" only comes as a right handed bow it can to form 15 pound to 70 pound and 19 inches to 30 inches. it has a 80% let-off.