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Shrewd 29mm Feather Vision lens
For Essential and Mini Mag scope. Screws into scope

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Feather Vision Lens in housing for 29mm Mini Magnum Scope.  Available in 2X-8X.

    • Feather Vision Verde Vitri™ lens utilizes glass supplied by Zeiss with a Zeiss anti-reflective coating
    • The coating used on the lens is exceptionally durable, easy to clean, hydrophobic, oleo phobic, anti-static, and has a light transmission of 99.98%
    • Lens is encapsulated in a CNC machined retainer housing and ring for a repetitive focal point
    • Screws directly into Shrewd scope housings using a single, continuous thread to ensure a consistent and repeatable lens placement every time
    • Easily removed for cleaning and storage
    • Fits Shrewd Mini Mag 29mm scope and Shrewd Essential 29mm Scope
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Hi I was wondering if the x6 lens is in stock for the essential 29mm scope and if the scope itself is also in stock. Cheers matt

Both of these items are currently in stock

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