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Victory 3DHV Shafts Sports 1dz
The 3DHV is is light weight carbon shaft designed to produce flat trajectory. .204 shaft. shafts come with Uni Bushing and Bohning F nocks. No inserts come with shafts.

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Victory Spine

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The 3DHV™ features high modulus carbon fiber incorporated into a brand new high performance target arrow design. This hybrid arrow is the perfect crossbreed of high quality, lightweight, durable materials for flat trajectory that will benefit any Hunting/3D archer. This is the perfect arrow for unmarked yardage .

Name : Ian Klauss
Location : Western Victoria
Title : They show promise, but beware of a minor technicality.
Review : They promise to be a very good light weight faster and flatter shooting .204 dia 3D arrow. However beware that the supplied Victory ACRIPSUB light weight alloy nock insert is too short to accept the full length of the supplied Bohning F nocks. The solution is to score and snap off the excess of the F nock. Which doesn't take that much time and effort. An easier alternative is to fit a set of Nocturnal LED lighted size X nocks.

hello you have any idea how much longer until these are in stock ?

3DHV Shafts are currently in stock, however, the Victory RIP Target Points are not, and there are no suitable replacements from other brands so an insert and screw in point would have to be used until more come in. At the moment as of 19/09/20, there is no ETA on Victory apologies for any inconvenience.

Hi There, Do these come pre fletched. Thanks Jarred

No these are the shafts only