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TBow 62" Recurve Hunting recurve
62" hunting recurve. Metal Riser with IFL, so they just clip in. They allow you to adjust poundage. Comes with bow stringer. Comes with Wood grip. 19" metal riser.

Bow Maximum Poundage

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Name : Logan
Location : New Zealand
Title : Nice bow
Review : very little stacking and very smooth draw. The vibration is minimal, but there can be a little rattle sound after adjusting tiller. When compared to my Sage, it is much quieter, and significantly faster with less vibration too. It is a definitely good bow. I wonder if its a steal for its price.

Name : Jarrath
Location : Perth Australia
Title : I really like this bow
Review : The TBOW feels good and is shooting well for me and I think the riser in particular will last me a long time. The bow stringer is great and so is the string. Pros and cons? The riser: - is a very nice look and feel with a good finish. - the shims for strikeplate adjustment are excellent for tweaking arrow flight - it is a weighty in a good way, feels solid and steady to aim - the grip is beautiful and very comfortable. - the paint was worn off on part of the shelf when I shot without any rug for a few hundred shots or so. - my other limbs fit beautifully, easier to clip in than the TBOW limbs actually. The limbs: - stack is there but not until 30" and not too bad at 31". Provides 37-38# at the fingers with a 31" draw on 30# limbs. - tiny decal error on one limb - smooth finish, but slight indentations where they press on the detent flange - the TBOW limbs have very little adjustment with the limb losing contact with the limb bolt after more than one turn out. (This does not happen with my other limbs and adjustment is better). Also, the bow has "resting" 3mm positive tiller with the limb bolts wound all the way in. It was a bit noisy for me after adjusting for brace height and tiller, but a flemish string and cat whiskers have quieted it down alot. There is a small amount of vibration in the riser but not to a point where it is annoying and that may be bow setup. I will buy a hoyt satori strikeplate and shims from lancaster to replace the plastic one, not necessary but desirable to complete the riser quality. This is a great bow and with an upgrade at some stage to a pair of nice black tradtech or black flash carbon wood or carbon foam limbs I think it is going to be an amazing package.

Hi! Looking to buy the “ T-Bow” just curious if your site reflects U.S dollars or AU dollars?

Our site and store are based in Australia and all our prices are in Australian dollars.

can you ship a 45lb T bow to ontario canada

Yes we offer international shipping

hi i was about to order this bow as my father has one and it was good to shoot just wondering what arrows would you recommend buying with this bow thanks you

feathered arrows

Hi there, just wondering if this bow comes in left hand?

No RH only

Hi ,I am interested in the TBow. I am not sure as to the poundage to buy . When you say maximum poundage 45 lb , how much can they be dialled down to 40lb ?. Thankyou Ian

Sorry for the delay. Did you still need this info?

Hello just asking if this bow comes in left handed thanks

Hi Sorry to say it does not come in LH. Good luck from the team at Archery Supplies

Great Video. I am really interested in the TBow 62" recurve. I reside in Germany. Do you ship to Germany and how much is the shipping fee?

Hi Karl, Thanks for the positive feedback on the video. We put a lot of work into them, so it's good to know they are helpful! Yes we do ship to Germany. If you go through the ordering process online it will calculate shipping costs for you. Usually $85-100 as an estimate. If there is anything further we can help you with, please don't hesitate to contact us. Good luck from the team at Archery Supplies (immer besser!) Tschuess :-)

Can you ship a 62" 40lb T-BOW to Canada? What would be the total cost?

Hi Thanks for your enquiry. I hope the snow in Canada has been good, some skiing friends are there at the moment (west coast) and are quite happy! Yes we can ship to Canada. If you go to our website ( you will find the cost of the bow (AU$445) and shipping can be calculated for you depending where you are in Canada it will be $80-100 AU. Please let us know if there is anything further we can help you with. Good luck from the team at Archery Supplies

Do you have the t bow currently in stock with 40lb limbs as I was wanting to buy one in 2 weeks

Hi Arnold Yes we do have this bow in stock at 40lb. Please let us know if there is anything further we can help you with. Good luck from the team at Archery Supplies

Good evening acheryshop, I've just seen this fantastic bow and your great testing video about it. 1. What material are the limbs made of ? 2. What's the coating of the riser: 2.1 Powder-coating, lacquered, anodized? 2.2 Has the riser got a smooth or a rough surface? 3. What's the coating of the limbs: lacquered ? 4. Which bow stabilizer (hunting-stabilizer) would you recommend? 5. is it possible to mount a magnetic arrow rest (fixed by screw) ? Which one is the best you can recommend? Thank you in advance! I am looking forward hearing from you soon! Best regards Christian Eisner

Hi Christian Thanks for your enquiry. Hopefully we have covered your questions below: 1. Limbs are made of wood 2.1 Riser is Powder-coated 2.2 Limbs have a rough surface 3. The limb coating is smooth laminate 4. Any hunting stabilizer would suit. We recommend you check out our website for options. 5. Yes. Again, check out our website for options. Please let us know if there is anything further we can help you with. Good luck from the team at Archery Supplies Tschuess!

Very interested in the TBow 62" recurve. I reside in the U.S. and am assuming the $445 price is Australian dollars? Also do you ship to U.S.? At check out it appears as if shipping is free? but wanted to double check to see if there is a shipping fee and how much? Would like to add great site and review on this bow! Kevin

The price of the TBow is $445 AUD (Australian dollars). we do ship to america the shipping costs will appear at checkout and will be approximately $40 to $50 depending on your shipping options.

Hi Guys, Im interested in the Tbow. Was wondering if you have any in stock?? Regards Mick

yes we have them in stock

G’day Steven, if the tbow is set at the maximum poundage of 50lb how low can it be adjusted from there ?

about 3# down