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JunXing F171 Black Hunter Recurve 60"take down

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Hi, does this bow come together or apart and is there an arrow rest

These are a 3 piece takedown, they do not take an arrow rest. They are designed to shoot off the shelf

Would this be the right bow if my draw weight is 24lbs

This bow doesnt come in 24# unfortunately.

Hi, do you sell limbs for the black hunter?

Just the complete bows

do you have only the limbs available? in 35lbs if possible

Not at the moment, we only have complete bows in stock

I would like to buy a "black hunter" bow. But I noticed there are more than one brand: mandarin duck JunXing F172 Big Rock Im confused...who can i purchase the original one? Eli

They are all the same bow, made in the same factory. Branded differently by different companies

A question about the F171 Black Hunter Recurve 60" is that can you get one with 60 pound and a 30" draw?

Recurve bows in general hit their rated poundage at 28'' of draw, a 30'' draw would increase this poundage by a few pounds.

Hi just wondering do you have a 40lbs black hunter in stock ?

Yes we do at the moment