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JunXing F172 Deluxe Hunter Longbow 60" take down 30# RH - Clearance
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Name : Kenny
Location : NT
Title : Unbelievable bang for the buck
Review : Lovely looking bow. I have the Deluxe model with clear glass laminated limbs. I am of smallish stature, so this bow is very comfortable at 60" overall length. My bow is 35lb, and draws very smoothly without stacking. My draw is 27.5". There is no hand shock or vibration. The bow is quiet without string silencers, but I will fit them ust to further reduce noise. This bow is easy to shoot and good technique will reap rewards. I have found it to be far more forgiving than a traditional one piece longbow. If you are looking for an introduction to traditional archery without breaking the bank, I do not think you will get better value.

Hi do you have any Junxing left hand bows 40 or 45# in stock Are they available in 62'' or 64'' Thanks Tim

The F172 from memory is 62" we stock RH and LH models in all poundages. Stock is dependant on when shipments arrive and what is sold. But we stock about 60 of the bows.

Hi, What is the difference between the standard and Delux versions? Cheers

Clear vs Black laminate on limbs. The Riser on the Delux has more work on the handle.