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EXE target recurve Carbon sight
Micro adjustment, Quick release, 9" carbon bar.

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Name : Daniel Tacker
Location : Michigan, USA
Title : Olympic Recurve Archer
Review : Been shooting with the sight for about a month now. Probably have put about 2000 - 2500 shots through my bow (Win & Win TFT) with it. It is an excellent sight. Previously, I had a Shibuya double click and was looking to move to higher level sight. I came across the review on the archery supplies Youtube channel, and Steven seem very complimentary of the sight, so I said why not. Without question, the best $100 (US) I've spent on archery equipment. My Shibuya would require some retightening at least a couple of times a week. This sight has stayed rock solid with no loosening. The vertical micro adjustment is very good, the windage is a little tight (I put a little silicon lubricant on it and that made a big difference) but still functions very well. Very, very pleased.

shipping to USA? EXE recurve bow sight What is the cost, etc? Is it available in USA or Canada? Thanks

Hi Thanks for your query. Yes we can ship to the US and Canada. As per our website, the price is $110 Australian. If you purchase online it will tell you the cost of shipping. Probably between $20 and $40 (AU$) Good luck from the team at Archery Supplies